3 Sexy Tetris Spin-Offs That Definitely Aren’t Safe For Work

So, you want to sex up Tetris? Here's how with these 3 NSFW Tetris-like games. They'll blow (your mind)!

So you love Tetris, that a classic game that has stood the test of time (And it’s so much fun!) But, it gets a little old sometimes, which is why there’s a need to put a spin on it.

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Enter: Not Safe For Work (NSFW) Tetris-like games.

I have procured (for your eyes only) three of these games. So, if you’re into this kind of thing, no judgement, check these out.

Sexy Girls Puzzle

Sexy Girls Puzzle takes Tetris to a new level.

While it keeps the general premise of the Tetris game, the spin on it is the ability to view scantily clad women (that’s become my new favorite phrase) when you complete twenty lines.

This game is available on Android, so as long as you’re discreet with your phone, you might get away with playing this at work.

Just maybe.


Peeptris is similar to both Tetris and Sexy Girls Puzzle. In this version, you use the classic blocks to build a picture.

A picture of a scantily clad woman.

But, instead of traditional Tetris where you can lose or destroy your blocks, in Peeptris it seems that you keep all the blocks in order to create the picture.

It seems a little easy to me (pun intended), but if all you’re looking for is almost naked women, then it’s totally the game for you.

Be warned that it’s only for PC at the moment, so trying this game at work will definitely get you in trouble.

Or maybe they’ll look the other way because, you know, women.

Bubble Bath Babes

I put Bubble Bath Babes on the bottom of the list for one reason: It is the only NSFW on this list that actually shows a completely naked woman. Well, not her lower lady parts, but everything else is totally see-able.

Bubble Bath Babes follows the rules of Tetris, but instead of building with blocks, you’re building with bubbles. Here is where I would make a joke, but it’s just too easy.

Anyways, while it has the most indecent graphics, it’s probably the one that gets the least excitement.

Mostly because there’s no buildup to the big reveal, as in Sexy Girls Puzzle or Peeptris. Either way, this one is for the original NES, so if you’re looking to lug this to work, you better be in the game industry.

Otherwise, explaining to your bosses why you’re playing Bubble Bath Babes at work is going to be really difficult to explain.

In the end, it’s all fun and games…

Just don’t get caught at work, okay guys?

I mean, I know the idea of scantily clad women (yes, that phrase again) turns on a few of you, but it’s not worth being the joke of the office. What you do at home, however, is all you.

So, do me a favor, and tell me which one’s your fave. I promise that I won’t tell.

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