This list of the four best multiplayer games outlines the classic mobile game for iOS.

4 of the Best Multiplayer iOS Games

This list of the four best multiplayer games outlines the classic mobile game for iOS.
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Multiplayer iOS games come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from word games to flight simulations, and more. And there are a lot of great games available in the App Store.

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What the games in this list have in common are that they are ones you can play with your friends or people you’ve never met. The list isn’t extensive or obscure, but it is a varied collection.

1. Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans is one of the better known massive multiplayer online games for mobile, let alone iOS. Even though it was first released in 2012 for iOS, the game still seems to garner as much attention now as it did then. For players of the game, building communities and facing other players to collect gold and elixirs can be used to defend against attacks from other players.  In 2016, Friendly Challenges were introduced to the game, allowing players to compete against members of their clans. Clash of Clans can be downloaded for iOS here.

2. Words with Friends

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This game may seem out-of-place in the list of great iOS games. Some might label Word with Friends a nuisance at best. Regardless, one cannot disagree that this game garnered wide acclaim and took its spot as a pop culture phenomenon. The premise of the game is laughably simple, really. It’s virtual Scrabble that allows you to play against strangers or friends. The app, although first released in 2009, introduced the chat feature in 2011, which added a new facet to the multiplayer experience. Words with Friends can be downloaded here.

3. Metal Storm

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What multiplayer iOS game list would be complete without a combat aircraft game like Metal Storm? Like most multiplayer games, the game allows you to battle your friends in multiplayer. Modes within the game include Campaign, Versus Mode and Survival Mode. Players can even communicate with each other through an in-game voice chat system, enhancing the multiplayer experience even more. Metal Storm can be downloaded for iOS here.

4. Spaceteam

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Once described as a “cooperative shouting game for phones and tablets,” Spaceteam is a game that gives the responsibility of piloting a ship to a group of people, by connecting smartphones and tablets over wifi. In the game, each player is responsible for a different panel of the ship’s cockpit. They’re then is given differing instructions to keep the ship in flight. The only catch is that players must shout their instructions to their teammates in order to find out who those instructions apply to. Download Spaceteam for iOS here.

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