Drawn to Death is a really bizarre game you should check out. Why? Because it has vampire cyborgs and shark ninjas. Need we say more?

4 Reasons You Should Be Playing F2P Shooter Drawn to Death

Drawn to Death is a really bizarre game you should check out. Why? Because it has vampire cyborgs and shark ninjas. Need we say more?

A third-person shooter with fast and frantic gameplay, a unique "sketched" art style, and bizarre characters with even stranger weapons, Drawn to Death is an... unusual title you should keep an eye on.

We're gonna jump straight into what makes this game so strange, so buckle your seat belts. We'll be looking at cyborg vampires, demon-summoning punk rockers, and a naked guy that chases people with a chainsaw and part of a mascot uniform.

Yep. It's that kind of list.

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Drawn to Death has great support for its fans. But don't take our word for it. Here are just some of the great things the devs are doing for fans:

  • Their Twitter occasionally gives away codes for followers to win copies of the game
  • The game joined PlayStation Plus' list of free games so more people can get their hands on it
  • The dedicated Drawn to Death website has a forum for players to discuss the game and air grievances.

Concerns are taken into account and patches for re-balancing keep the game fair. The site also has leaderboards for players to see where they stack up, an FAQ in case they have questions, and a bug report page to make sure everything runs squeaky clean.

The Characters

Just look at them. They're so beautiful -- and awesome. 

So first off, Cyborgula is a cyborg vampire. Yep. You read that right. Oh, and he can split his head open to fire blood-seeking missiles.

Tijuana is a demon cowgirl who can throw flaming skulls and uses a gun powered by prayers of the damned.

Johnny is a punk rocker who can play guitar so well it summons the Devil.

Bronco is a stealthy soldier who can summon the undead souls of his fallen comrades.

Alan is a mostly naked man wearing a mascot mouse head who wields a chainsaw and can turn invisible.

Honestly, these are some of the most unique characters in any shooter right now. The developers have really gone all out to make something memorable and intriguing, something other shooters could seriously take note of.  

And last but not least, is Ninjaw. She is literally an anthropomorphic shark-woman-ninja who wields an anchor and summons other sharks.

If this isn't the most bizarre cast of characters you've ever seen, you've probably been scarred for life by the things you've seen. 


The gameplay mechanics are both simple and nuanced. It plays as a traditional third-person shooter, but each character has different stats and their own respective abilities, weapons, strengths, and weaknesses.

Take Alan for example. This chainsaw-toting psycho heals on his own over time, but cannot pick up health like other characters can. His invisibility doesn't work on Cyborgula but his melee damage is especially powerful against the vampire.

Every character has checks and balances to other characters, which keep the game fun and fair. Even the abilities, as outlandish and over the top as they are, have avoided becoming overpowered.

Johnny's Devil Riff wrecks enemies -- if they get caught -- unless it's Diabla, who can absorb his demonic energy. Bronco remains invisible to Ninjaw at low health -- which no one else can do -- but also drops health for her if hit by her Spirit of the Sea sharks.

It's a great order within the chaos.

The Director

If you've been a gamer for any length of time, you've probably played at least one David Jaffe game.

He directed Drawn to Death, four Twisted Metal titles, God of War and its sequel2, Calling All Cars, and several other games in his long career. So obviously, the man knows what he's doing.

Two of his works, Twisted Metal Black and God of War, both made IGN's Top 25 PS2 Games of All Time, with the latter widely considered one of the greatest games of all-time.

This is the man, the brain, the legend behind Drawn to Death.

This game is crazy.

It's violent, frenzied, action-packed, and above all, it's bizarre. If you've ever wanted to roast someone with a lizard gun or play a tasty lick so rockin' that the Devil himself emerges from Hell to annihilate your enemies, then this game is for you. It's all adrenaline and guts in a notebook setting that would make moody-high-school-you blush.

If all of this doesn't have Drawn to Death on your mind, nothing will.

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