5 Adorable Pokemon Songs to Warm Your Heart & Brighten Your Day

Cute tunes about cute creatures.

Cute tunes about cute creatures.
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When you're feeling down, there's nothing quite like music to cheer you up. A good song is usually enough to lighten any mood -- but sometimes you can get so down in the dumps that not even the entire discography of Weird Al Yankovich can make you feel better.

In times like that, you need something so unbearably cute and likable that you have no choice but to perk up. And only one thing fits that bill: Pokemon.

Over the years, Pokemon has put together a sizable collection of songs from various television shows, movies, and promotions. And a lot of them are super-cute. I've put together a list of some that are especially adorable --hopefully they'll brighten your day a bit.

The Hoenn PokeRap

You might be wondering, "Why not the original Kanto PokeRap?" The answer to that question is simple: don't worry about it. 

The Hoenn PokeRap has a fun, boppy beat that you can dance to while singing along. Unlike those other PokeRaps, this one actually goes slow enough for you to keep up, so you can have a stress-free rap session. I mean, if you consider this actual rap.

Regardless, it's hard not to get drawn in by this one. Can you name all 135 Hoenn pokemon?

I Love Magikarp 

Your life might suck. It might suck really hard. But at least you're not Magikarp. All Magikarp does is splash around and (maybe) eat. It can't even really swim on its own.

But as this song shows, people still love Magikarp. With enough time and care, it grows up to be the raging death machine that is Gyarados. If dinky little Magikarp can become awesome, surely there's hope for you yet.

This song was made for a Pokemon Center promotion in Japan. It was never officially translated, but you can find a good one here.

I'm Giving Santa a Pikachu for Christmas 

Everyone loves Pikachu. Even if you hate Pikachu, you love Pikachu. These are cold, hard facts. Professor Oak knows this, that's why he's decided to give Santa Claus a Pikachu of his own for Christmas. And tell Ash Ketchum all about it.

Now, if you can get past your blinding jealousy, you'll notice that this little ditty is sung by Veronica Taylor and Stan Hart, the actual voice actors for Ash and Oak, respectively. That alone should make you crack a smile.

But if it doesn't, you can still revel in the fact that this song about giving a Pikachu to Santa was put on an actual album and sold to actual people.

The Slowpoke Song

This beachy song dedicated to the bummiest Pokemon is another one that was made for a Pokemon Center promotion. 

It's just so chill and relaxing -- almost as though the singer has no problem with Slowpoke wasting its life away snoozing at the riverside. But it's just doing what it loves, y'know? Maybe we should all take a page out of Slowpoke's book: just do what we love and take life as slowly as possible.

Was Slowpoke a role model this whole time?

Also, this song is in Japanese, too.

Mimikyu's Song 

I mentioned before that everyone loves Pikachu. Well, it turns out, even Pokemon love Pikachu! This recently released song is about the Alolan Pokemon Mimikyu, who dresses up like Pikachu so that people will like it.

It's so sad,but also so cute. Mimikyu just wants to be loved! Won't someone give it a home?

You'll be too busy going "awww" to notice all your own worries melting away. The only downside is that the song is way too short. A minute is just not enough time to figure how to get a Mimikyu into your loving arms.

That's it for this list. Hopefully these songs put a smile on your face. There are plenty of Pokemon tunes out there, and they're all so sweet and charming it's almost offensive. If you're ever feeling blue -- heck, even if you're doing alright -- I'd say you should give them a listen. Or just come back to this list! 

What are some of your favorite Pokemon songs? What did you think of these songs? Let us know in the comments!