5 Awesome Moments From The Saints Row Series Vol. 1


There are a whole lot of things that you might remember about the later entries in the Saints Row series -- lots of awesome moments, parodies, memorable characters, cameos, and plenty of WTF moments as well.

This list aren't ranked in any order, but it'll help rekindle your memory. (And don't worry, there will be a Vol. 2 of this list!)

  1. They Live – Saints Row IV

Okay, for those of you who thought that this was the ultimate surprise in the game, please raise your hands.

Yeah, same here.

After Keith David (yes -- the actor himself) aligns himself with Zin and the rest of the aliens in Saints Row IV, the main character is out for revenge.

However, once the main character manages to convince Keith of the error of his ways, causing him to turn his back on the aliens, Zin uses his powers to sends both of them to parts unknown.

When the main character finally meets up with Keith, he is found fighting with... "Rowdy" Roddy Piper?! Yeah, weird right? An actual re-enactment of the fighting scene from the film, They LiveThey even destroy a satellite dish like at the end of the movie.

I don't know how Piper got a role in this, but this was awesome.

  1. Meeting The Mayor – Saints Row: The Third

A toxic gas has been released, causing people to turn into zombies, and you've been called upon by the mayor to solve the problem.

The main character is pretty reluctant at first, but who could've guessed that the mayor of Steelport is none other than Burt Reynolds?!

Paul Crewe -- er, Burt Reynolds --needs the main character to take down the zombies and, being a huge Burt Reynolds fan, the main character is more than happy to oblige.

What's makes it even better is that Reynolds is dressed like his character, Dilbert L. Dilbeck, from Striptease.

  1. Waking Up – Saints Row IV

You have been beamed up by aliens to their spaceship, and you awaken to find yourself in an alternate universe where Zin has total control to change and manipulate things as he sees fit.

The main characters are now in a world where people are now glitchy, there are hotspots and towers everywhere, demonic and electronic monsters, and a whole lot of other sorts of craziness.

Not to worry, though, as the main character's super smart friend, Kinzie, is there to help. After they find a door that will lead the main character into the real world, he wakes up from a pod and escape while in the nude.

Now, why does that look familiar? Oh yeah, its the same thing that happened in The Matrix.

You might be wondering, "What ever happened to taking a red or blue pill?" Well, that happens right after the main character saves Matt.

  1. Prof. Genki Murder Time Fun Time – Saints Row Series

Japanese game shows sure are something else, aren't they? However, there's something about that craziness that makes them so much fun to watch.

Saints Row thought they could do something like that with the last two games by having the main character participate in Professor Genki's Murder Time Fun Time show.

The main character grabs a gun and annihilates Professor Genki mascots, earning cash as they go along. This game show's concept is simple, crazy, and fun to watch.

If only they didn't include fire, electricified wires, and murderous mascots -- otherwise I'd sign up for the show in a heartbeat!

  1. Battling With A Demonic Figure – Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell

The main character has been kidnapped by a demonic figure, and Gat and Kinzie have to save him or her -- only to find out that the demonic figure is... Satan himself?!

Well, the game is called Gat Out of Hell, so what did you expect? In this game, you must complete challenges and missions in a hellish version of Steelport to meet Satan.

Also, you need to save your boss from marrying Satan's daughter. As always, Saints Row brings humor and chaos to open world gaming.


What other in-game moments do you remember? Be sure to leave your comments below, and thanks for reading!