5 Best Minecraft Seeds for Your Inner Hermit

Are you looking to retreat into solitude and channel your inner hermit in Minecraft? Here the best 5 seeds to turn your dream of solitude into a reality.

Are you looking to retreat into solitude and channel your inner hermit in Minecraft? Here the best 5 seeds to turn your dream of solitude into a reality.

It is that time of year where we retreat from our busy lives, sit in, pig out on good food, have a little alcoholic beverage and put on several pounds without feeling one bit of guilt. Why restrict such a solitary lifestyle to real life? Why not channel your inner hermit in the world of Minecraft?

Today, we are going to take a look at 5 of the best Minecraft Seeds for your inner hermit. Let's get started!

Seed: 4378573931051962893
Coordinates: -233,458 68,00000 213,385  
Biomes: Desert, Swamp, Plains, Extreme Hills


Platform: PC 1.11

This seed is very much a "choose your biome" seed. You spawn right outside of a desert temple that contains four chests. The chests containing the following:

  • 18 Gun Powder
  • 21 Rotten Flesh
  • 12 Bones
  • 4 Spider Eyes
  • 2 Golden Apples
  • 9 Spider Webs
  • 2 Iron Bars
  • 11 Stand Blocks
  • 3 Emeralds
  • 1 Gold Horse Armor
  • 3 Enchanted Books
  • 1 Saddle.

Within view distance of the temple, you have a number of biomes including plains, desert, swamp and extreme hills. The best spot I found was on top of one of the hills. (Coordinates: -74.299 125.00000 316.635)

It will require a bit of work to make a stable mountaintop home but it is well worth it for the great views surrounding you.

Seed: 8061648139126237361
Coordinates: -98,587 221,23177 -19.082
Biomes: Savanna M, Dessert M, Savanna


Platform: PC 1.11

Perhaps the skyscraper mountain in the previous seeds wasn't quite big enough for you to be able to channel your inner hermit to the full extent. If so, then this seed has you covered. All you need to do is look north of your spawning point and you can't miss the ginormous cliffs of this Savanna M biome.

You will find all sorts of things here from floating stone and dirt, to a herd of sheep and acacia trees, to gravity defying overhangs all of which can be seen from the coordinates of -98,587 221,23177 -19.082. God only knows what other marvels you will find within this area. All I am going to say is good luck attempting to climb to the top in survival mode!

Seed: 2693015588768910706
Coordinates: 126.500 70.00000 248.500
Biomes: Jungle


Platform: PC 1.11

This seed is my very own retreat to solitude. You spawn smack bang in the middle of a large jungle, full of all kinds of surprises. To the north, you can find a hole in the ground leading down into a cavern (130,991 72,00000 172,003) and further on from that you can find a jungle temple (129,042 72,07326 23,684)

The chest in the temple contains:

  • 6 Bones
  • 6 Rotten Flesh

There are all forms of various caves full of goodies and dangers hiding just below the surface in this jungle (204,441 63,00000 49,618). There are also plenty of sheep, chickens, octopuses scattered throughout the spawn area. Just south of the spawning point you will also find cows, so you'll never be completely alone.

Just build yourself your ideal home and you will be able to retreat with there never being a possibility of ever being found.

Seed: 4599438371925215001
Coordinates: 23,500 140,03260 246,500
Biomes: Forest


Platform: PC 1.11

Perhaps an overgrown jungle is a little bit too extreme for your liking but you would still like to have solitude and be surrounded by nature. Then this forest seed may be just what you are looking for. You will be completely surrounded by forest as far as the eye can see.

It is perfect for creating your dream tree house in the middle of nowhere away from all civilisations. Of course, if you get a bit bored and are feeling a bit adventurous there is a cave near the spawning point with some mining materials inside. (27,298 63,00000 81,693)

Seed: 4454075632776640276
Coordinates: 247,500 79,00000 259,500
Biomes: Taiga, Extreme Hills, Forest


Platform: PC 1.11

What better way to hide from civilisation than setting up home within a small cave at the top of a mountain? Just west of the spawning point, you will see this large mountain. Just by its highest peak, seen in the screenshot, you will find a small cave (-460.282 142,85117 161.526).

If you are feeling hungry there is a herd of sheep just outside -- so lamb chops are never far away. You can also find giant mushrooms and horses (-635.483 64.00000 14.758) and more within this Extreme Hills biome.

And there you have it! Five of the best Minecraft seeds for your inner hermit. From massive skyscraper mountains to lone little igloos to setting up a home in a massive jungle full of surprises, there is a seed to suit the hermit in everyone this holiday.

What do you think of our list? Are there any Minecraft seeds that you think are great for your inner hermit? Let me know in the comments below!