5 Best RimWorld Mods You Should Install Right Now

RimWorld has hundreds of mods at a players disposal, but these five stand out among the rest for offering something truly special for the game.

Taking deep inspiration from strategy games like Dwarf Fortress, RimWorld is a simulation game with profound scope. Placing particular emphasis on both detail and player creativity, RimWorld has developed a dedicated fan base.

What's most impressive about the game's community is its modding community, with countless users using the rich array of tools that the game readily provides to improve and expand on the base experience. These mods can completely shape the game -- offering anything from intense customization to entirely new stories. 

Organized Research Tab/ResearchPal

The "Organized Research Tab" is the single most popular Rimworld mod to date -- and for good reason. In many ways, this mod was formative not just for the modding community, but for the game itself. The mod was an unbelievably useful organizational tool from the very beginning of RimWorld's release, offering players an easy way to sort their research. 

Unfortunately, the creator of the mod was relatively unsuccessful in updating the mod for A17, meaning that some of the features may not function as well as they have in previous iterations. "ResearchPal" is included in this slide because the modder recommends it as a similar alternative. Both tools are practically essential for a streamlined Rimworld experience, and let you spend more time focusing on the game itself rather than trying to sift through a multitude of tabs. 

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Editable Backstories

The Editable Backstories mod is absolutely essential for anyone that wants to flex their creative muscles and create stories that are uniquely their own. Whether it be a character that you are simply not interested in or a character you have been wanting to see implemented in the game, Editable Backstories gives you a wealth of tools to do so. 

This mod allows you to edit the background of a character using XML files. This doesn't just change the narrative components of the character, but even allows you to change the way they behave based on their traits. 

It's important to note that this mod erases any of the vanilla backstories a character might have, replacing it with your own. However, the creator of the mod does provide sample stories that can be used for characters if you have trouble coming up with initial ideas. 

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The "Infused" mod is an excellent way of adding a little chaos into your RimWorld gameplay, adding random enchantments to certain equipment in the game. This equipment is also randomly chosen, meaning any item you come upon may be enchanted.

An enchantment in this mod gives a piece of equipment a variety of different stats that changes how the item is used. Most interestingly, even enemies can possess these augmented pieces of equipment. In addition to providing an extra element of unpredictability to RimWorld, this mod can have a significant benefit to almost any job you may be doing. 

If you find that these enchantments do more harm than good for you, they're editable via XML as well. You can either remove the enchantment altogether, or give your equipment the exact specifications to suit your needs. 

Star Wars: A RimWorld Series

The Star Wars RimWorld mod is as impressive as it is massive. The mod itself isn't just one installment, but rather a collection of add-ons to the game that deliver a complete Star Wars experience.

On the surface, players can simply add cosmetic and equipment changes to their game. These changes include things like fully operational lightsabers to the introduction of new factions. Each faction will have its own outfits and weapons as well. 

However, the Star Wars mod series contains so much more to offer players. RimWorld fans will be able to level up their force powers similar to other Star Wars RPGs. The modder, jecrell, has even implemented a quest system to ensure that players get the most out of their experience. These changes significantly flesh out the opportunities that players have in RimWorld, with a level of care being given by the creator that is truly remarkable. 

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Efficient Light

The "Efficient Light" mod is as simple as it gets, but goes to show just how detailed RimWorld can be. This mod does exactly as the name implies: it brings the power consumption of standing lamps from 75 to 25.

It changes nothing else about the game aside from the wattage, making it a humorous and simple way to change the game. Despite this, it is one of the most popular mods in RimWorld. The creator of the mod is surprisingly responsive to player feedback, ensuring the most eco-friendly lighting experience possible. 

While this mod may not be particularly useful or exciting, it serves to show just how vast and detailed the Rimworld modding community truly is. Almost every single detail of the game has been accounted for, and on top of that modders have gone on to creating entirely new storytelling experiences inside the game.

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Despite only being in Early Access, RimWorld's following ensures that the game will not only succeed, but thrive as the release date grows closer. For more insight into this game, check out our RimWorld guides here on GameSkinny.