On this International Cat Day, celebrate the evil of cats with some that remind us of our favorite video game villains.

5 Cats That Look Suspiciously Like Video Game Villains

On this International Cat Day, celebrate the evil of cats with some that remind us of our favorite video game villains.
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Cats... They've intervened in human history for as long as any of us can remember. Worshiped as gods by some, feared by others, and reported to be the primary source of power for the Internet...cats are a force to be reckoned with. Hell, they've even managed to convince us to give them their own special day, International Cat Day -- which is a bit like Mother's day, only for cats.

Of course, as awesome as cats may seem, it's the foolish who don't recognize them for the evil they are. Some are so evil, in fact, that they even look like video game villains -- or, at least resemble them a bit.

Here we've compiled some cats that remind us of some of our favorite video game villains. Whether by straight physical appearance or visible attitude, these cats have just that special blend of evil built in.  

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Savannah Cat as Kefka Palazzo

Final Fantasy VI

I know what you're thinking... "This cat looks nothing like Kefka!" Well, bear with me for a minute and take a good, long look at that cat again. Okay, so their eye makeup only kind of matches, but look at that face. So demanding, so regal, so prepared to cause you physical harm if need be, but also pretty pleased to just play puppet master. 

Much like Kefka, who hides his true villainy behind the guise of a court jester -- flamboyant and regal at the same time, the Savannah cat hides its natural cat villainy behind the facade of a flamboyant and elegant creature. Kefka spent much of Final Fantasy VI pretending not to be the evil overlord he truly is. This is not an act cats are unfamiliar with. They spend a lot of time keeping humans unaware of their evil plans.

So you see, this cat resembles Kefka in more than a few ways. In fact, when all is said and done, someone might be surprised to see this cat morph into an ultimate form, complete with a wingspan.

This bearded cat silently judging you as Comstock 

BioShock Infinite

Cats, like people, can be super judgmental. Apparently some -- like the grey cat above -- can also grow epic beards worthy of fanatical city leaders. That beard, combined with the knowledge that (much like Comstock) this cat has pretty much condemned you to hell without even knowing you, make it the perfect candidate for supreme leader and prophet of Columbia. 

Perhaps the citizenry will get lucky and fluffy here will be a kinder, gentler dictator of the floating city in the sky -- although that might make for a completely different BioShock game.

Any Chimera-cat as Two-Face

Batman: Arkham series

When it comes to recognizable villains, Batman offers more than a few. After all, Arkham Asylum is filled to the gills with some pretty stand-out characters -- although perhaps few as sad as Harvey "Two-Face" Dent. Originally a man of honor and Bruce Wayne's best friend, Dent found his life changed after being permanently disfigured on one side of his body. Now, rather than fighting for the people of Gotham as a lawyer, he's one of the biggest baddies in the city.

Luckily for chimera cats, their story isn't so sad. Instead of an accident, their looks are the result of a stray genetic trait. In some it's a nearly perfect split face. In other's it's not quite as defined. That said, we can all be assured that these cats' goals are pretty much he same as Dent's, and Gotham will soon be theirs.

(It's also possible these cats could double as Harley Quinn, seeing as they share similar taste in fashion.)

This terrifying cat as Lavos

Chrono Trigger

This kitty may not completely resemble the alien parasite that is Lavos, but he has that same evil look in his eyes that the final boss of Chrono Trigger has in its.  That is the look of a creature willing to do anything to get what it wants -- either that or someone really surprised him.

Lavos created havoc all across the timeline in Chrono Trigger. We're willing to bet this cat can cause mayhem equal to or worse than that, given a chance. Of course, he'll likely spend most of his time trying to keep people convinced he's harmless, but CT players know the truth... This cat's out to get ya.

This cat who's probably really pissed his owners dressed him up as Bowser

Mario everything

For decades, Bowser has been causing trouble for Mario, Peach, and the gang, and it's still nothing equal to the amount of problems this cat is likely going to cause just to get revenge.  Cats are notoriously un-fun when it comes to things like playing dress up, and there's no reason to believe this one will get over having to wear that shell any time soon... In fact, we're certain this cat is plotting its owner's deaths as we speak.

Kitty will get his revenge. 

For his humans' sake, we'll hope kitty doesn't start constructing bridges over lava pits....

And there you have it, five -- probably harmless -- kitties that look like they're ready to inflict some real evil upon the world. And they will probably succeed too... some day. In the mean time, they've done cat-kind proud and are perfect examples of why their kind deserve their own International Cat Day.

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