Here are some of your favorite horror games turned into stunning jack-o'lanterns.

5 Creepy Jack-O-Lanterns Inspired by Your Favorite Horror Games

Here are some of your favorite horror games turned into stunning jack-o'lanterns.
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It's that time of year again, gamers. The season for pumpkin carving, candy binges, and the overabundance of horror games (cheesy or frightening). What Halloween season wouldn't be complete without some well-crafted jack-o'-lanterns? Especially gamertastic ones that are inspired by some of the horror games we all know and love.

Here are five of some of the coolest pumpkins nestled atop a studious horror gamer's porch.

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Silent Hill Sigil

From DeviantArt pumpkin carver Zi11ion comes our very own Silent Hill jack-o'-lantern. Modeled after the Halo of the Sun symbol, Zi11ion hopes that trick-or-treaters will be able to "save their game if they that their lives are in danger." If you manage to catch yourself walking past this pumpkin, make sure you have gone trick-or-treating in the wrong haunted neighborhood.

Doom II Cyberdemon Boss Fight

This Doom II pumpkin was carved by Ceemdee, and amazing take on a classic and thrilling horror game. Here, we see Doom Guy in great detail against the pumpkin's soft, mushy exterior as he is fighting off the massive boss Cyber Demon. If you think this pumpkin is great, make sure to give their other carvings a look too, the rest of them are highly detailed and well crafted.

 Left 4 Dead On Pumpkin Carving

Don't get left behind with another bogus jack-o'lantern this year. Brandmillerart brings the Left 4 Dead logo to life with their carefully carved out pumpkin, giving it the most perfect nitty and gritty look. I have to hand it to them, they did a wonderful job.

This Castlevania Jack-O'-Lantern Doesn't Suck

Here comes another classic, Castlevania. Painterkms put extra love and care into carving this one, the attention to detail shines through each carefully peeled layer of pumpkin like the wavering short-lived tea candle inside. The Imgur gallery shows the work that went into crafting this beast; it's enough to make even Dracula jealous.

Bioshock-ingly detailed carving 

And finally, lithiumflame really knocks the ball out of the park with this one. Based on Bioshock's Big Daddy, no stone is left un-turned. The time and work spent on this pumpkin carving is absolutely incredible; the cross hatching and line work is precise. Even the Little Sister of to the side is detailed enough to show what she is in relation to the hulking Big Daddy next to her. The gallery contains more close up shots from varying angles on the pumpkin, kudos go to lithiumflame for all the hardwork and creativity that went into this.

Those were just some of the well-crafted and painstakingly amazing jack-o'-lanterns based on some of your favorite horror games. From Bioshock to Doom, no game is safe from the seasonal craft of pumpkin carving. Have you done any carving like this or plan to? Let us know in the comment section below.

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