if you need a video game costume fast, you've come to the right place!

5 DIY last-minute video game Halloween costumes

if you need a video game costume fast, you've come to the right place!
So you're looking for a last minute video game costume?

There are plenty of simple and easy DIY video game costumes that are available to you right now, so don't worry. You're not out of luck for this Halloween just yet. We're going to tell you everything you need to know to make each one of the cool costumes on our list. So get ready!


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Super Mario Question Block

Here's what you'll need:

  • A big box (one you can fit inside)
  • Some tape, glue, or other adhesive substance
  • Yellow and White paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen, Pencil, Marker, etc.
  • OPTIONAL: Black Marker, Black Pen, or Black Construction Paper

The first thing you want to do is take the yellow paper and cover the box with it using your glue, tape, or other adhesive substance. Make sure every inch of the box is covered.

Then, on the white sheets of paper, draw out 4 of the question mark designs. Make sure the question marks are big enough to fit the size of your box. Cut the designs out, center them on the sides of your now yellow box, and attach them. If you're having trouble with the design, you can always print it out! There are plenty of templates on the Internet.

Lastly, try on your box and cut appropriate holes for your head and arms!

Optional: If you wish to make the box even more realistic, draw circles in each of the box's corners (the sides with a question mark on them) and color them black. You can also cut out black circles on construction paper and attach them to the corners as well.

You should now have an easy Mario question block costume.


This is the equivalent of walking up to someone and saying you dressed up as a "muggle." Just wear what you normally would and claim you're going as a pedestrian.

This may seem a little lackluster, but it's all about how you present yourself. If you draw inspiration from Grand Theft Auto for instance, if someone stands next to you for about ten seconds, pull out your phone and tell them you're calling the police.

If you act it out well enough, and own up to your laziness in costume design, no one should complain too much for your lack of effort!

Metal Gear Solid Box

What you'll need:

  • A large box that you can fit inside
  • Optional: Black marker, pen, etc.

You can just wear the box and claim you're going as Snake. That's all you need to do without any extra effort. Really simple, right?

Optional: If you want to go a little bit above and beyond, draw "The Orange" design on the sides of your box. If you're struggling with the logo, draw it in pencil or on a separate piece of paper first.

And there you go! You now get to hide in a box like Snake. Just don't get caught or a strange exclamation point will appear above your head.

Steve from Minecraft

What you need:

  • Blue Shirt
  • Blue Jeans
  • Casual Pair of shoes
  • Medium box (make sure it can fit around your head)
  • Working Printer
  • Adhesive (tape, glue, etc.)
  • Optional: Minecraft pickaxe

Chances are you have the shirt, jeans, and shoes already. That means the bulk of your costume is already done.

Make sure your printouts are big enough to fit on the box properly!

Optional: If you wish to make your costume even more Steve-like, you print out the design for the Minecraft pickaxe and walk around with that as well. Or, if you wish to spend the extra money, you can go to Wal-Mart or Target and purchase one for yourself in the toy department.

Congratulations! You can now go build things in 8-bit land! Stay away from those dastardly Creepers as well.

Your favorite video game

What you'll need:

  • Two long pieces of cardboard
  • Working Printer
  • Scissors
  • Something to hold the pieces of cardboard together (rope, string, etc.)

Load up the box art for your favorite game online and print it out.

You will have to print out sections of the box art and attach them to the pieces of cardboard separately.

Once you've made the cardboard look like the box art of your favorite game, cut out two holes at the top of each piece. Lace the string, rope, or whatever material you decided to use through the holes and tie it at the end so the cardboard won't fall off.

Congratulations! Now you can officially say you're going as your favorite game!


Be creative!

If you put your mind to it, you'll think of something simple and easy to use for a costume and represent your video game hobby.

Don't be afraid to think outside of the box either. You can step into a sack and call yourself Sackboy if you really want to. Whatever works for you.

What are some of your DIY, last-minute video game costume ideas? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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