5 Dumbest Ways to Die in Ark: Survival Evolved

A collection of deaths by glitches, dinosaurs and other players that give Ark its one of a kind charm.

Ark: Survival Evolved is an intense game. There are lots of dinos to tame, lots of players to watch out for, and a near-infinite number of ways to die horribly. And while sometimes these deaths are devastating, unfair, or unavoidable....sometimes they're just plain dumb. What are the stupidest ways you can die in ARK? Well, we've put together a collection of great (and in some cases silly) deaths for you to find out. 

Warning: These videos are often of streamers, so if the narrating (or crazy screaming and raging) bothers you, I hope you remember where your mute button is!

Did you craft any wings yet?

Often in ARK, the game will determine your fate for you. 

Head to around 38 seconds to see the game do the crocodile's job for her. Can we look forward to Studio Wildcard making serious headway with these big glitches? No comment on that hot topic. 

Wait...this worked in Team Fortress 2...

This all seems like a great idea until you get to the 35-second mark. This guy had the best intentions, but it appears those mountains are just a bit buggy. 

Shouldn't you have a license to operate that thing? Looks like these dinos will live to see another day.

Stop hitting yourself...stop hitting yourself...

This entire video is gold, especially if you brush up on your Italian. But regardless, you'll get a very Three Stooges-esque death at the very beginning. 

Unintentional PvP is the very best kind. Will they remain friends even after the friendly fire? Seems like it, but I don't speak very good Italian.  


There's a reason cats don't like water. 

Don't bring a panther to a fish fight, even if you think it's only one fish. The action begins at 1:35, and you'll want the volume on for this massacre.

Swimming is my least favorite activity in Ark, and magically multiplying piranhas isn't making that much better.  

Daz and Dave bite off more than they can chew in Ark.

Turn your volume down; Dave likes a good yell.

It was hard to pick just one death out of this video. Things do really start to heat up around 16:05 -- as they have finally found the T-Rex they were looking for. 

Whether it's glitches, dinos or other players, there is plenty of dying to be done in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Best of luck my fellow survivors and happy hunting!

Do you have any good death stories? How about some videos? We would love to see them in the comment section below.