5 Elite: Dangerous YouTube Channels You Should Watch If You Are a Serious Commander

Here are the 5 best YouTube channels for Elite: Dangerous players, covering not only the best how-tos but also the most amazing artistic videos available.

Playing Elite: Dangerous is not only a gaming experience. It feels like more than that. Some would say it is a way of life. Others see the game as an escape from boring reality. 

There is certainly a community and a very precise culture behind the Elite: Dangerous project. There are also dedicated people -- Elite Commanders -- who are not only playing the game but also sharing their experiences through different media, most notably through YouTube Channels dedicated to the game.

What is very interesting about Elite: Dangerous YouTube channels is that many of them are not so much dedicated "how to" sources; many are presenting completely unique artistic and cultural visions -- and they are just nice to watch. 

With that said, let's take a look at five Elite:Dangerous YouTube Channels you won't want to miss.

5. Rinzler070707

Over 5,000 subscribers

Let's start with the Commander with a very specific approach.

And please be aware, adult language quite often is impossible to avoid in his Git Gud Guides to different ships.

But actually, it is well worth it to watch and listen to what Cmdr. Rinzler has to say. You can expect good knowledge, useful advice, a sense of humor, and interesting entertainment.

Rinzlero7o7o7 also has a nice collection of PvP and PvE videos showing how his Git Gud Builds are working in reality.

4. Archon Fury

Over 1,400 subscribers

Every Elite: Dangerous player starts with Sidewinder aka Sidey. Most of the Commanders are trying as quickly as possible to forget about the entry-level ship and move up the ladder, buying bigger, better, and more expensive toys.

But not Archon Fury, who actually made his name by producing "Sidey Versus the Galaxy" YouTube videos, showing that a small ship can be enough to kill virtually anything in the Elite universe.

Watching his fights always raises the quite simple question: How the f*** did he manage to pull that off?!



Over 12,000 subscribers

This is a really straightforward and practical channel that mostly concentrates on Elite: Dangerous but also shows a few other space gaming options.

Tonnes of guides and "how to" videos made with attention to detail and very calm most of the time comment.

Down to Earth Astronomy is a highly recommended source of Elite: Dangerous support for both new and old commanders.

#2 Vindicator Jones

Over 14,000 subscribers

Vindicator Jones offers a very good source of ready-made manuals on how to rank up your commander and finish missions successfully, and what to fit to your ships to make them safe and dangerous for others.

A very calming voice and the overall professional atmosphere have made Vindicator Jones' videos highly likable.

1. ObsidianAnt

Over 109,000 subscribers

There are many creators on YouTube dedicating their time to Elite: Dangerous, but certainly there is only one ObsidianAnt -- creator, amazing voice, and known-to-all Commander.

Every YouTube video made by him is high-quality and a pleasure to watch and listen to -- thanks to the completely out-of-this-world voice of Commander Obsidian.

I think that instead of writing, I will just add one more of his exploration videos:

There are also other creators and channels which can only be described as art projects based on Elite: Dangerous. While they're hard to categorize or rank, for me, they're always the best to watch and relax when I don't want to fly anymore or would like to check what else I can see in this amazing game.

Soak in and enjoy!