Clicker Heroes is great, but Clicker Heroes 2 could be even greater with these 5 features.

5 Features We Hope to See in Clicker Heroes 2

Clicker Heroes is great, but Clicker Heroes 2 could be even greater with these 5 features.

A little over two years ago, the original Clicker Heroes was released. It was fun to play and didn’t get old too fast like many other clicker games tend to do. But while the game was fun to play for a couple of months, the initial enthusiasm for the game did eventually wear off. Luckily, however, Playsaurus is currently working on Clicker Heroes 2 to bring us all back into the fight. 

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Clicker Heroes 2 will include improved graphics, monsters, and other general feature improvements. While very little other information about this upcoming game has been announced, it is still fun to think of different features the game should have, so here are GameSkinny’s top five features for Clicker Heroes 2 to include.

1. Achievements

Many games make use of achievements to draw people back to the game. Many of these achievements are the same from game to game, like collect this specific amount of money or kill a certain number of enemies. Clicker Heroes 2 should definitely have those achievements we’ve come to expect from this genre, but should also include new ones to try and set the game apart. One possibility is to have optional special routes that contain much stronger enemies. If the player beats the route they get a special achievement and some bonus money.

2. Character Customization

Many clicker games have a set design for the main character, and predetermined characters for their companions. Clicker Heroes 2, however, could give the player the option to customize their character. Even something as simple as the ability to change hair color would be a great improvement. Often when playing games, if a player cannot connect with the character they are playing as, they will get bored of the game very easily. When the character is created, however, players become much more connected to them due to the little personal touch in their avatar. Adding even a small degree of character customization can help alleviate this problem of players not connecting to their character.

3. Unlockable Abilities and Skills

In many clicker and idle games, once you level up an item or equipment to a certain level you can purchase new abilities for that item. However, I often see that certain items gain fewer abilities than others. Many items at level-up will instead learn skills, which require a cooldown timer, rather than an ability, which grants a permanent effect. Skills, therefore, are used less often, but an extra permanent ability is always useful. Always gaining permanent effects would make leveling feel like more of a reward.

4. Special Events

In order to freshen up the game and get players to keep coming back, many games will include limited-time special events. The events would go on for a couple of days to a couple of weeks at time and include new assets, challenges, or achievements. These events could be anything from celebrating a specific holiday to informing the players about current events, and could do wonders for keeping player hooked on Clicker Heroes 2.

5. A Daily Multiplier 

I myself love clicker and idle games, but I often see the same thing happens whenever someone plays these types of games. Players get very excited when first starting, but after about an hour or so get bored and put the game away. They will continue to check in daily, but after about a week the players forget about the game. In order for players to keep coming back to a game, there needs to be a reason for it. In addition to the special events mentioned above, Clicker Heroes 2 could feature a multiplier that increases for every day in a week that you check in, gradually increasing damage, rewards, or even difficulty. After a week or after missing a day, the multiplier will go back down to the original value. This incentivizes players to keep coming back day after day.


We’ll find out exactly what new features Clicker Heroes 2 will include when the game releases on PC and Mac in 2018. What are some features you think should be added to Clicker Heroes 2? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back with GameSkinny for anything and everything Clicker Heroes.

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