Imagine playing an FPS game as an MMO. Which games would serve as interesting choices?

5 First Person Shooters That Could be Killer MMOs

Imagine playing an FPS game as an MMO. Which games would serve as interesting choices?

There is no doubt that the FPS genre is a fan-favorite among gamers. The illusion of feeling like a soldier and holding a firearm in your hands while opening fire at your enemy is a popular image, especially among males. That is exactly why Call of Duty and Battlefield are so popular in the FPS genre.

But what if FPS games were MMOs? Imagine exploring areas to your heart's content, while also having a rifle, handgun, or sniper rifle strapped to your back. Basically, picture The Division, but as an FPS. 

The following list talks about some of the most current FPS games that would be excellent contenders as MMOs. 

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5. Overwatch

Let's be honest for a second -- Overwatch is a very popular game. Instead of running around like a headless chicken and guns blazing all over the place, players need to think tactically, and choose a hero that will serve well and bring their team the necessary support they need. I personally see it as more of a strategy FPS rather than a regular FPS, but an FPS nonetheless.

If Overwatch was an MMO, with servers that could have up to or more than 100 players, gameplay would certainly take an interesting turn. Players could create groups/clans of certain heroes, and embark on adventures or quests. Or, have an all-out strategic war with all long range heroes up on high vantage points, and assault and support heroes fighting on the ground. 

Speaking about servers, there could be servers for specific characters. For example, a Reinhardt and/or Genji only server where players can only fight one another in CQC.

4. Call of Duty

If you have ever played or know anything about FPS games, then you'll clearly know what Call of Duty is. But could you imagine teams of hundreds, if not thousands of players rushing at one another, guns blazing, killstreaks going's basically total chaos, if done as an MMO. 

Separate servers could work for specific gameplay aspects like, snipers only, or assault rifles only. It would also give players the freedom to run around wherever they want, and kill enemy players whenever they get the chance.

On a side note, the addition of a Tactical Nuke going off as some kind of killstreak from time to time would certainly add a dramatic aspect to the game -- especially as an MMO.

3. Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike is a very well-known and popular FPS series. It can even be considered as a classic. 

An MMO version of it would certainly prove to be quite something. Terrorists against counter-terrorists in large scale battles, doing whatever is necessary to win. But, there will have to be some sort of interesting twist. Perhaps, some kind of a "one life" factor? If a player dies, they cannot respawn until the game is over. On the other hand, that could prove to be quite boring, especially considering the amount of players that would be in-game. If you die, you'll have to wait for a long time before your team or the enemy team wins or loses. Nonetheless, it would be a unique experience.

2. Battlefield

We all have heard about the series at some point. Just a month ago, Battlefield 1, set during WW1, was released to many praised reviews

In the more recent Battlefield games, servers can hold up to 64 players at a single time. But, imagine the numbers being in the hundreds or you're talking about an all-out gigantic war! And unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield has vehicles like tanks, fighter jets, armored cars, etc. Add that into the mix, and you got quite a vision for an MMO -- and that's an understatement!

1. Metro

If you don't know what Metro 2033 or Metro: Last Light are, they are basically FPS games set in a wasteland after a tragedy has destroyed the surface of the Earth. Players can explore the underground areas of the metro system -- metro is the European version of subway--, and its catacombs, or venture outside into the wasteland to fight mutated creatures in an ever-haunting atmosphere.

Based on the setting itself, this game would be amazing as an MMO. Players can establish underground cities, markets, housing units, trading posts, etc. As for the action, players can either journey solo or together into the eerie atmosphere that was once the surface of our planet while not knowing what might happen next. 


There are of course many other FPS games out there. Which ones do you think would serve as interesting or unique versions of MMOs? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

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