5 Games That Should Be in EA Access but Aren’t

These EA gems need to be included in EA Access.

In 2014, EA launched their gaming service exclusively for Xbox One, allowing Xbox gamers to download EA games at a discounted price. Even though EA has some great titles on there, they should have included these as well. Here are the five games that should be available in EA Access but aren't.

Brutal Legend

EA definitely has to include one of the best games that was ever made. Brutal Legend was a gem and one of the EA games that deserves a sequel. Not only was the story good, but it included some of the best heavy metal artists, such as Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy from Motorhead, Lita Ford, and last but not least, Jack Black as Eddie Riggs. It's the story of a roadie who was killed by a stage accident and wakes up in a heavy metal world where he joins a group to fight back against evil demons. This action/adventure game with strategy elements was definitely well received by gamers -- so much so that it even received the "Best Strategy/Simulation Game Award" by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science.

Alice: Madness Returns

The sequel to American McGee's Alice, Alice: Madness Returns sees the titular heroine in a traumatic state after setting her parents' home on fire and being sent to a psych ward. After getting the treatment she needs, she is released and placed in an orphanage. Still having hallucinations of Wonderland, she returns to Wonderland to find out that it's falling apart, and she must find out the truth. The game was an ultimate thrill ride for the player, packed with new features and weapons for Alice. The psychological horror game received mostly positive reviews, and this is an EA game that deserves to be included.


Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

A sequel to Playground of Destruction, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames takes place in Venezuela, where the player is on a quest of revenge. The player embarks on a journey where he picks up contracts and earns money for weapons and accessories to take down a Solano. Along the way, the player can join or befriend the groups that he encounters. Even though you can lose the respect of certain groups, it's all about the contracts, completing the missions, and the payouts. While this sequel doesn't have the strong critical acclaim of the original, like the first game, it's still fun to play if you just want to blow up tanks, gunships, and oil rigs.


Skate & Skate 2

You can't just include one Skate game. Even though Skate 3 is on EA Access, why didn't EA include Skate and Skate 2? The opposite of Tony Hawk games, they focus on the teenage, urban, indie skateboarding style. Basically, in the original Skate, it's pretty simple: you start at the bottom as an indie, and you work your way up to becoming the best by competing in contests and completing missions. In Skate 2, you get out of prison five years after the events in Skate to find that the city suffered from an earthquake, but the gameplay and challenges are still the same. If you're gonna include one game from the whole series, why not include all of them?


Army of Two series

Army Of Two is one of EA's best game series. The games revolves around two men fighting through war, political turmoil, cartels, and a whole lot more. From the chaotic cinematic sequences to slow-mo action with blazing firepower, the game brings the player close to the action, as it feels like you are in a movie. If you decide not to pay attention to the gameplay, the stories from the games really are interesting. Honestly, why didn't they include the Army of Two series in the first place?


Which games do you believe should be on this list? Post your comments below, and thanks for reading.