A list of free iOS and Android games you’ll lose hours to.

5 Ketchapp Games Absolutely Worth Your Time

A list of free iOS and Android games you’ll lose hours to.
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Ketchapp games, while simple in design and gameplay, are surprisingly addicting! The company has a selection of over 90 mobile games with varying objectives, making it hard to sift through them all to find one that won’t bore you within five rounds.

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Here I’ve listed a few of the highest rated Ketchapp games that provided a nice blend of visuals and gameplay that had me playing for hours.


The objective of this game is to survive as long as you can by sliding your finger across the screen to move a ball onto different platforms. By doing so, you can collect diamonds, which can be used to buy different balls, though they don’t seem to add anything new.

There’s something about the game that makes you want to keep going. Maybe it’s the satisfying click you hear when you land on a platform, the little “Hooray” cheering you on, or the endless void of white for a background that make you think “Gee, I sure could go for one more round!”

It’s a nice game overall if you’re looking for a game to kill time with, but there are ad videos offered every few rounds. You can always skip over these easily.


STACK’s goal is to, well, stack. Tap the screen to land platforms on top of each other to build the tallest tower you can. Stack eight tiles perfectly in a row and the platforms grow, a mechanic that’s both a blessing and a challenge as they grow in different directions.

Just like HOP, this game lets you buy new platform designs with in-game diamonds earned from playing or watching ads, giving players a goal to work towards.

It’s simple objective and gradual change in background and platform colors make for a game that is nice to look at for hours, which is probably how much time you’ll spend trying to beat the high score.


Players control two dots, one red and one blue, that circle around a labyrinth-like path. Tap on the screen when a dot hovers above the path to land on it, but be careful; dots shrink if you wait too long. Special tiles can alter speed and direction if you land on them.

This game also stood out because it was one of the few that had multiple modes of gameplay. Classic mode lets you play the game as usual but in Hardcore mode, the dots shrink a lot faster, giving you only one shot at landing on the platform. Think fast!

A major downside to this game, however, is the fact that ads continuously pop up. They aren’t needed at all to play the game or buy items, but they show up every few rounds. I can easily see this as an annoyance to players who want to play multiple rounds consecutively.


A lovely piano soundtrack accompanies this coin-collecting game. Tap the screen to make a little square jump over roadblocks to collect coins. Collect enough coins, and you can unlock different characters, each with their own animation. Levels are randomly generated which keeps the game from being predictable.

The neat and challenging thing about this game is the cloning mechanic: when you pass through certain areas, one square can turn into two, three, or four little squares moving around the board to collect coins. This adds a fun challenge for players since you’ll have to keep an eye on each clone to make sure they all survive for as long as possible.

Break Liner


My personal favorite on the list, this game drops you right in the game without any instructions.

You are a rocket ship soaring through space, trying to break white lines by tapping on the screen to send the ship sideways. White lines are breakable, and if you’re fast enough, you can multi-break the same line. Black lines bounce you off and turn red if you hit them, and red lines are an instant death, exploding your ship.

There is a level-based system with each level adding new components that amp up the difficulty of the game. Such additions include lines alternating between black and red or black and white, smaller white lines, and red lines that jut out at odd angles to block your path.

Minimalistic and easy-to-grasp visuals and gameplay make a majority of Ketchapp games generally fun to play, but each game listed here has a unique mechanic or objective that makes them almost impossible to put down.

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