Pokemon Go is extremely fun, but sometimes there's a lot of frustrating moments. Here are just some of the most annoying moments in Pokemon Go.

5 Most Annoying Moments in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is extremely fun, but sometimes there's a lot of frustrating moments. Here are just some of the most annoying moments in Pokemon Go.
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Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm in just a few days of its release. While the game is extremely fun, there's no doubts that there's really annoying problems with it.

Don't get me wrong, I love playing it -- it's just that it's riddled with bugs that can ruin a player's experience. Here's a quick rant about the 5 most annoying problems in Pokemon Go.


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1. When the game crashes while loading

Although this isn't as annoying as it was before, it still does become irritating. Before, when the game took too long to load, you would have to close the app, and it would prompt you to log in again every time you closed it. This became an annoyance because the game crashed frequently. Now with the recent update, you no longer have to keep logging in every time after closing the app. Yay!

It still annoying though, because sometimes the app would only work again after turning off the phone a few times. I have lost many chances to catch Pokemon because it just took too long to get the app to start.

But if you're having issues with game crashes or infinite loading screens, we have a guide on common Pokemon Go bugs to help you out.

2. When you try to catch a Pokemon, and the Poke Ball freezes

Sometimes when catching a Pokemon, the ball will freeze after the Pokemon goes inside it. After this happens, you have to force close the app. Sometimes you're able to catch it again afterwards, but sometimes you can't, and the Pokemon you were trying to catch gets away. This problem is extremely irritating and stressful, especially if you get the infinite loading problem when trying to start your game up again.

There is, however, a temporary fix for this freezing issue. Check out our guides on how to fix the frozen Poke ball bug on Android, or how to fix it on iOS.

3. When the the GPS stops working

Pokemon Go is very reliant on the GPS, so a lot of features will be unavailable to you when the game can't find a signal. PokeStops refuse to work, and Pokemon can't be detected. Sometimes even when your GPS seems to be working fine, PokeStops still have issues and will refuse to work. They won't be recognized by the app and will give "try again later" errors.

4. The game freezes when battling a gym

There have been some odd and frustrating errors involved with gym battling. The game may freeze when trying to initiate a battle with trainers, or worse. There is also a chance of your game glitching when the opponent's Pokemon is left with 1 HP.

Your opponent may be frozen, but your Pokemon's attacks may not register, making you unable to defeat your opponent and wasting your time. There is also the chance when your moves won't register, but the opponent is free to attack you, causing your Pokemon to faint -- and then you waste items to heal your Pokemon. You can wait for the battle to time out, but it might count as a loss. There goes all your hard work...

5. It's hot outside!

It's the middle summer, and in some places reach over 90 and even 100 degrees Fahrenheit at this time of year. As much as some of us want to go outside more often to catch some Pokemon, we just can't. It's too hot! If you do decide to go out in the hot weather, please stay hydrated and be safe.

Overall, Pokemon Go is fun and encourages players to go outside and interact with each other, but there are tons of improvements that need to be made for the game to run smoother.This has been your quick rant about Pokemon Go. What are your most annoying Pokemon Go moments?

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