5 Underrated Anime Series That Should Have a Video Game

These anime series deserve a little more love -- and some video game adaptations!

These anime series deserve a little more love -- and some video game adaptations!

With more and more films, television series, and comics entering the video game arena, Japanese anime is still a staple of the medium. But with so many series to choose from, the decision can be hard to make about which ones to adapt for gaming pleasure.

There are some very obvious choices here, like Sword Art Online. But what about the lesser-known anime series that could make great games? Let’s take a look at some of those underrated series that deserve an adaptation, too.

1. Sailor Moon Crystal

Credited as the manga that changed the magical girl genre, the original Sailor Moon had quite a few video game adaptations in its heyday. But the newest incarnation, Sailor Moon Crystal, has yet to be seen in the interactive game format. A video game for this series would be really engaging, given its manga-inspired visuals, delightful characters, beautiful transformations, and action-packed fight scenes. The latest version of this much-lauded series requires some form of gameplay, especially for its twenty-fifth anniversary.

2. Flip Flappers

Much like its magical girl predecessor, Sailor Moon, the series Flip Flappers calls for a game adaptation with its layered storytelling, high-energy action scenes, team rivalries, and beautiful visuals. With so much praise for the series, it’s only right that this gem becomes a video game for fans and anime enthusiasts to share in the excitement and action.

3. Dragon Ball Super

As the latest series in the Dragon Ball saga, it’s only a matter of time before this adaptation gets its own video game. The action scenes in the Battle of Gods saga alone warrant hours of gameplay and endless headset interaction. With that in mind, the animation and iconic characters make for a much-needed addition to anyone’s Dragon Ball collection.

4. Saga of Tanya the Evil

This wild, time-warped novella-turned-manga-turned-anime series just screams “I need a video game adaptation like yesterday”. The mix of reincarnation, World War motifs and action scenes, magic, and religion makes this primed for endless gameplay. Imagine being a little blonde girl firing cannons in battle while trying to move up the military ranks to outsmart God. Now that sounds like hours of play between friends.

5. Alderamin on the Sky

Much like Tanya the Evil, this wartime-meets-fantasy series is just ripe for a video game adaptation. The great storytelling and gender dynamics seem perfect for players who want to engage in war with beautiful visuals. Being able to wield a sword in the midst of battle like Yatorishino sounds both promising and entertaining for hours of play.

This list is only a fragment of shows that warrant a video game. Hopefully, some of these dreams can become reality in the near future.

Which of your favorite anime series would you like to see turned into a video game experience? Let me know in the comments below!

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