5 Worst and 5 Best Equipment Unlocks in Hitman

What weapons and gear can truly help you in your future assassinations?

Hitman has a lot of unlockables. From weapons and all the way to gear, this game gives you everything you need to succeed in your assassinations.

After unlocking all possible weapons and gear, I have tried them all in the field. I compared and analyzed them in the same situations, and judged which ones were better to use to kill my targets.

Some were absolutely phenomenal, because my assassinations were very easy thanks to their help. Others, not so much... in fact, some unlocks made it more difficult to assassinate well.

I have compiled a list of the five worst and then five best unlocks after giving them all a fair try.

5 Worst Unlocks

5. Krugermeier 2-2 

From a personal point of view, this gun is absolutely awful. Yes, it looks extremely pretty, but its attractiveness will not help you during assassinations. It's very weak, taking about four to five shots just to kill someone at medium range, only has 20 bullets, and has awful accuracy.

This gun is meant for close encounters, which would explain why it's horrible at a distance. Its suppressor is very silent, meaning you can fire the gun next to someone, and they won't hear it. So in reality, its only purpose is for headshots, and disabling security cameras (but I can use any other gun for that...). Other than that, it's pointless.

5 Worst Unlocks

4. TAC-SMG Covert

This is a fully automatic smg, with decent accuracy. However, the gun falls short with its horrible range and very small ammo count. 

When I first unlocked the weapon, I tried it out on a target at distance. It took about five shots to the head before the target died (technically, all weapons should be one shot, but video game logic...). Add this up with the very low ammo count, and the gun is practically useless against multiple targets at medium or long range. 

It's a damn shame too, because you need to complete 10 Escalation Missions to unlock this thing. Unfortunately, it's just not worth it...

5 Worst Unlocks

3. Nna Obara's Machete

In case you didn't know, when you are carrying a sword in the game, you can't hide it, you can't put it away, and you need to wear the appropriate disguise in order to not become suspicious. 

But, let's be honest here. When you attack a target with a sword, you're not exactly all "silent" and "covert." So, what is the point of this unlock exactly? To run around the mission area, slicing everyone you see like Jason?

I'm sorry to say this, but if you're playing Hitman, there is absolutely no point to this weapon. It's RIGHT THERE for everyone to see, and I'd personally be better off with a knife (at least you can hide a knife...).

5 Worst Unlocks

2. Remote Breaching Charge

The sole purpose of this equipment is to blow through cracked walls. But here's the thing...there are no cracked walls, except for Sapienza. So, why bother even using this thing? It's completely useless on any other level, and serves little purpose.

I don't know what else to say, except for: Use it on Sapienza, and nowhere else!

5 Worst Unlocks

1. Sedative Poison Vial

In my opinion, this is the absolute worst unlock in Hitman. All it does is make things worse for you.

What does it do? Basically, you can "poison" the target's food or drink with this vial. When they consume the food or drink, they get knocked out...They fall to the floor, unconscious. But, here's the problem. They will consume their food in a public area, people will freak out, security will storm and huddle over the knocked out body, and will eventually bring them back to life. Oh, and everyone will then be on high alert!

I absolutely see no redeeming qualities in this piece of junk! All it does is makes things much worse for you, and fails to do the most important job, like oh, I don't know...kill the target!?

Now we move onto the 5 best unlocks, these are the tools of the hitman trade which make your assassinations easier.

5 Best Unlocks

5. Shurikens

Whenever you start a mission, or pick these bad boys up from an agency pick-up, you get a total of three. You can then throw them at various targets, killing them instantly. Best part, you can then pick them back up!

They can also be used as distractions. Throw one near a guard, he will investigate the noise, then use the second one for an easy kill! Oh, and don't forget to pick them up!

5 Best Unlocks

4. Remote Explosive Duck

Basically, a remote explosive device in a form of a red rubber duck! Unlike actual remote explosives that will immediately raise suspicion when seen, these will make your targets go, "Huh?" Obviously, the element of surprise is there for your advantage.

Chuck one where you need to, the curious victim will investigate the shiny red toy, only to be blown to pieces when you press the button!

(Also, very useful in speed runs if those are your thing.)

5 Best Unlocks

3. Lethal Poison Vial

Unlike the Sedative Poison vial, this one actually does the job.

Instead of knocking the target out, and causing a commotion, and worsening the situation, this vial just kills the target (of course you need to poison the food or drink first).

That's all there is to it. Just a more effective and better version of the Sedative Poison vial.

5 Best Unlocks

2. Sieger 300 Sniper Rifle

In my opinion, the best sniper rifle in the game. Three levels of zoom (so you don't miss), silencer (because that's all what being an assassin is about), and unique design.

The Jaeger 7 and Jaeger 7 Tiger are decent sniper rifles, but don't have a zoom, so they are completely useless against targets that are very far away. The Jaeger 7 Lancer has two levels of zoom, but no silencer. No silencer? Why bother? Unless you want to get caught!

This trusty weapon takes care of both problems, providing you with everything you need to stay silent and pick a target off from any distance!

5 Best Unlocks

1. TAC-4 S/A Assault Rifle

The rifle is a thing of beauty. Accurate, ridiculously powerful, silenced, and has about 40 rounds total.

First off, it's semi automatic, so you can place your shots and pick targets off one by one. Second, it's very strong. At close range, one shot to any part of the body and target is dead (medium and long distances I believe require two shots to the body, but all three distances only need one to the head). Next, it's silenced, so when you walk into a room, and clear it of all targets, people in the other room won't know what happened. And finally, it's accuracy is extremely good. I can snipe enemies a decent distance away. It's no sniper rifle, but it's a very accurate weapon!


What do you think are some of the best and worst unlocks in the game. Do you think that the Sedative Poison Vial is better than the Lethal Poison Vial (though, I have no idea why you would think that...)? Feel free to share in the comment section below!