A collection of the most awesome dinosaurs that should be roaming ARK: Survival Evolved servers.

6 Dinosaurs We Want to See in ARK: Survival Evolved

A collection of the most awesome dinosaurs that should be roaming ARK: Survival Evolved servers.
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ARK: Survival Evolved has done a pretty great job of including some of the most awesome dinosaurs to have ever existed, but one of the great things about dinosaurs is that there are just a whole bunch of them.

Before they continue off into the land of dragons and mammals, let's take a look at some dinos that would still love to be in the game. 

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This is by far the most awesome dinosaur that I wish Ark would include. It is also the most likely to be added, as there are several fan dossiers for the beast already.

These terrifying dinos actually evolved from around the size of a dog, to the size of a rhinoceros. They had huge fangs and sharp claws, and would make a wonderful addition to your ARK mount garage.


Not only does this carnivore have a really cool name, but its defining feature is a tiny horn right in the middle of its head.

Out of all of the giant two-legged carnivores, the Rajasaurus is unique. Most Dinosaurs lost their ornamentation as they evolved into more efficient predators, but the Rajasaurus continued to evolve its head ornament.


Palaeontologists are currently arguing whether this obscure creature was a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. It had some of the most impressive head ornamentation of any dinosaur and was about the size of a moose.

This dinosaur would sure make a statement whether as pet or mount in ARK. (That smile is to die for.)


Tanystropheus has the longest neck physically possible for an animal that lives on land. This helped it hunt for fish in shallow water, where it spent most of its time -- and a great place to have them spawn in Ark

The skeleton of its neck was very stiff, to help support all that weight, making this a very comical dinosaur indeed. The Tanystropheus would be an ideal addition to your dinosaur gang.


It doesn't seem like a dinosaur would be able to glide with membranes around its back legs, but this little guy made it work.

Many studies and have been conducted and replicas made of the Sharovipteryx to determine how it stayed airborne. Using the results have helped us understand our own flying machines. Nature is weird.

Regaliceratops AKA "Hellboy"

This recently discovered herbivore bears a striking resemblance to the Triceratops (or the in game Trike), but is set apart by its frill and horns.

The frill is more rounded and "crown like," and it has two comically small horns above its eyes. Just like our friend Hellboy.

You've got a great smile Estemmenosuchus!

ARK: Survival Evolved picked a great setting for a survival game. There is plenty of content to pick from for when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and as the game continues to grow, we hope to see plenty more dinos added to it.

Do you have any dinosaurs you wish were in the game? Are there mods out there covering these already? What is the best dinosaur?!

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