These downloadable mods have kept the original game both fun and new a decade after the original release

6 Mods for the Original Battlefront II Keeping the Game Alive

These downloadable mods have kept the original game both fun and new a decade after the original release
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The best part about classic games that gives them longevity beyond their original release are player created mods that make the game more fun or more ridiculous. The ingenuity of the modding community always finds ways to improve the games so which games are keeping the original Battlefront II alive a decade after release?

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Let’s have a look.

Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack

Easily one of the largest mods for the game, the conversion pack adds 22 new maps, new clone legions, and most impressively 50 new heroes. Last patched in 2009, there are still comments on the pack as late as two weeks ago. This mod truly improves the amount of variability in the game and gives players more options than they may know what to do with (including a full set of Knights of the Old Republic assets). Eat your heart of Star Wars Battlefront.

Available Here:

Dark Times II: Rising Son

The only rival to the conversion pack will be this mod, which gamers will have to decide which they want installed over the other. Rising Son offers 16 new planets that include the expanded universe and update the lightsaber combat system to include a variety of attacks. The mod also includes its’ own galactic conquest based mode that follows the story of Luke Skywalker and a rebel commando squad. This parallels the 501st main story of the game in a new take that could be it’s own game if expanded upon.

Available Here:

Mass Effect: Unification

Yes, you read that right. If you’ve ever played a Star Wars game and thought, “Wait, this isn’t BioWare,” then this mod has the fix for you. The unification mod switches everything, from the Rebels becoming the Systems Alliance to heroes added like Samara. The sheer attention to basically rebuild the game in some aspects into a Mass Effect game would astound BioWare themselves. If they’re ever looking for new employees, there’s have a link below.

Available Here:

Tactical Enhanced Mod

If the game had become too easy, this mod makes accuracy more essential and the run and gun offense obsolete. The tactical enhanced mod makes the difficulty of the base game much harder while also making blasters far more potent. These changes make for game play that requires careful cover and precision, and if you try to shoot and move you might as well not shoot at all.

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Battlefront Evolved

While the mod doesn’t add any assets to the game, it instead re-textures all of the units and vehicles in the base game. With updated graphics, it makes the game look much younger than it actually is, and the improvements are very clear. For as well as other mods do in adding assets to the game, this one does an excellent job in re-texturing the actual game into one that could rival the current Battlefront game.

Available On:


This mod ties in the Old Republic by basing itself off of SWTOR, adding the online games skins, troopers, and even some planets. The mod was last updated in 2016 and is another example of the mods that are pushing the longevity of the original game. The mod also offers various re-modeling of current assets to create the feel of an FPS Old Republic game.


An important note to all of these mods is the active community around them that are bolstering the mods but the game itself. Each mod has comments and downloads from 2017, and most that are pending approval still. The original Battlefront II is here to stay, and as the mods continue to improve it’s hard to see an end for this one — and we couldn’t be happier.

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