6 of the Most Awkward Looking Creatures in No Man’s Sky

Looking for something strange and awkward to brighten your day? Here's a short list of some awkward critters you can find in No Man's Sky.

Looking for something strange and awkward to brighten your day? Here's a short list of some awkward critters you can find in No Man's Sky.

Since the announcement of the Foundation Update for No Man’s Sky, we’ve seen a renewed interest in the game. Just last week I wrote a piece on how I don’t think the update will save No Man’s Sky, but since then I’ve noticed a growing popularity of the game — with a staggering 188k people playing it in the last 2 weeks alone. With such a significant increase of player interaction, I decided that maybe I should give it another chance — revisit it with a more open mind.

So I thought to myself, “Why not revisit something that had you interested in the game in the first place?” — that something being the procedural generation of the game. If there was one thing that set No Man’s Sky apart from any other game out there it is the fact that the game, as a whole, is a massive, randomly generated experience and a true testament to our advances in programming and technology.

 And what better specimen to look at then the crazy procedural generation of the various creatures the inhabit No Man’s Sky? With that being said, let’s dive into 6 of the most awkward looking creatures that No Man’s Sky  has to offer.

1. Bob Beakington

I mean, I don’t know if that’s really his name or not but I think it suits him. While I’m sure the first thing you might have noticed was his rather large beak, I couldn’t help but stare into his blank and lifeless beady little eyes. That’s the kind of face you make when your mom tells you you’re having tuna mac… For the 4th day in a row.

2. Meplianera “Hideous Abomination” Efocameo

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, a face that only a mother could love. And even then, I think she’d be struggling. I don’t know what’s more off-putting, the massive fly eyes tunneling into my soul, or the creepy nose / mouth / tube thing protruding from between them. 

3. The Mushroom Family

Alright, full disclosure, It’s not easy coming up with a witty name for each of these so cut me a bit of slack. Compared to the last critter, these guys are pretty normal. I’m assuming it’s got more than one consciousness given the number of heads but it could also be a hivemind collective like the Borg but significantly less threatening.


4. Squats

This guy obviously doesn’t skip leg day. I’m not sure about the extra set of antenna eyes and what their purpose could serve so I’m going out on a limb of speculation here. I’m going to say that there is another creature on this planet that just really likes to punch his people in the face so they use their antenna eyes to peek around corners. 

5. Daddy Long Legs

I don’t really know where to begin with this one. Between the super tiny arm things and the strange number of joints in its legs, this thing is just weird. It begs the question of what kind of weird shit happens on its planet that this is the body it needs to survive. All I know is that trying to watch this creature put on pants would be an instant viral video.

6. Lobstersaurs Rex

Straight from the crustaceous period, something I totally didn’t make up, you find this guy — long lost, forgotten, and even hidden from cousin to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Able to survive on both land and sea equally poorly, this is the missing (and likely removed) link in evolutionary progression. I find myself ultimately wondering what it eats and how it does it?

Even if No Man’s Sky fails in other areas there is always the enjoyment of seeing the strange combinations of parts that the procedural generation algorithm has produced. Too often do planets have rather samey fauna but when you do find something new it’s a sight to behold indeed.

Do you have any screenshots of the crazy creatures you’ve encountered while playing No Man’s Sky? Link them in the comments below!

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