7 best Alan Wake Easter eggs in Quantum Break

Is a new game in the works, or have Alan and Jack's storylines been intertwined all along?

Is a new game in the works, or have Alan and Jack's storylines been intertwined all along?

Remedy Entertainment’s time-shattering, T.V / video game mashup Quantum Break has arrived to give Xbox One fans something to finally brag about. In between all the time-stopping bullet battles, story-altering choices, and full episodes to watch, you may have spent some time exploring the gorgeous environments presented in Riverport.

For those who have to check every last corner and crawlspace, there are a whole lot of Easter eggs left lying around, and almost all of them have to do with Remedy’s other major franchise, Alan Wake. In fact, there are times where the game feels more about the titular Alan Wake than about Jack Joyce… at least if you are spending time finding all the collectibles.

There are so many references that one has to assume a new game is in the works (it would be pretty brutal to the fans to have so much Alan Wake memorabilia scattered across every part of Quantum Break if nothing new is coming).

Considering how both games deal with breaking time and alternate realities, there’s no reason the two franchises can’t be directly connected – maybe a crossover is in the works? If you haven’t found them yet, we’ve collected all the notable Easter eggs below.

1. Alan Wake Returns Video

Near the very beginning of Act 1-1 you will come across a Monarch protest outside the university. Off to the side is a tent with a bunch of chairs and a video screen.

Be sure to turn that screen on and take some time to watch the full video. Riffing on X-Files and themes from Remedy’s catalog, the video seems to indicate Alan Wake will be returning at some point.

2. Bright Falls Tour Stop

In the same prologue part of the game when you meet up with antagonist Paul Serene for the first time, be sure to walk behind him and take a look at this band t-shirt listing a series of tour dates. The name of the first town might be of interest to Alan Wake fans…

Best show of the tour, hands down!

3. Chalkboard Ramblings

Later while exploring another segment of the university, you may discover that some professor (or more likely, overly-attached student fan) has succinctly summed up Alan Wake as though it were an equation to solve.

Reading the entire chalkboard from left to right pretty well breaks down everything about that other game’s story and different theories about what was really going on, from truly supernatural events to Alan simply losing his mind.

Alan Wake: a critical analysis

4. AWE Graffiti

Following up on the chalkboard ramblings, it would seem another resident of Riverport is a fan, tagging “AWE” on the bricks near the roof of a warehouse. AWE can stand either for the Alan Wake Experience or the bureau of Altered World Events.

That’s some excellent can control skills!

5. Sudden Stop

One of the many collectibles scattered across the game includes a copy of “Sudden Stop,” the book written by Mr. Alan Wake himself before the events of that game unfolds.

Some light reading material for the timepocalypse

6. Alan Wake Literally Appears

Yeah… that’s a Monarch employee literally playing some Alan Wake on her computer, when she should be helping to restore the fractured time line. That’s why companies really need to crack down on non-work related computer activity!

At least its not Facebook I guess?

7. Night Springs Audition Video

Taking the time to see what’s on a dinky little CRT television much later in the game will reveal something quite odd – an audition / rehearsal clip for actors on Night Springs, the fake television show from Alan Wake.

Have you found any other references to Remedy games that we missed, and do you think all these Easter eggs mean a new Alan Wake game is coming? Let us know your thoughts below!

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