Here are some of the craziest video game theories that you need to know about.

7 Crazy Game Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Here are some of the craziest video game theories that you need to know about.

Gamers have always been very creative and smart group of people. They obviously like playing games a lot, but what gamers probably love even more than that is debating about the events that take place in their favorite titles. The amount of research, and effort that some of them put into finding the clues to their most beloved stories is staggering.

Gamers like speculating about games that haven’t even been released yet, thus create a whole lot of theories. But the best ones come after the releases of the biggest franchises, and this is where their imagination skills go above and beyond.

However, no matter how strange and unbelievable some of these theories may sound, they can actually be totally legit. So, let’s check out some of the craziest and most incredible gamer theories.

Spoilers ahead for:

  • Limbo
  • Fallout 4
  • Skyrim
  • Mass Effect 3
  • BioShock series (and all DLC)
  • Final Fantasy VIII
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Fallout and Skyrim are parts of the same universe

The source of this gamer theory is a tiny easter egg that fans located in Fallout 4. As you search for Prydwen, a Brotherhood of Steel airship floating above Boston, go to the main deck and find a room full of scientific experiments. There you will see a small garden of familiarly-looking plants.

The description of the plants states that they emit strange sounds and cause addiction. They also look very similar to the Nirnroot plants that can be found in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. So, does this mean that Skyrim and Fallout take place in the same world? That is absolutely possible, just in different time periods – one in the future and one in the past, but which is when?

Limbo never actually ends

Limbo is one of the grimmest and most depressing games out there. It tells a story of a boy who tries to find his sister (who may or may not be dead), and eventually he does find her peacefully playing outside. But at the very end he is caught up by a leech that takes him further away from his sister once again and everything repeats once again.

This gamer theory states that the ending is not real (meaning that he doesn’t actually find his sister – it’s just an illusion) and everything that happens is just the boy’s post-death visions that repeat themselves endlessly. That is also why he will never stop running away from the scary spider, and that he will never get out of this nightmarish limbo.

The Pokemon universe is recovering after a great war

Have you ever wondered why there are so few middle-aged characters in the Pokemon games? Usually you only meet either kids or their grandparents. Well, it looks like this crazy gamer theory can explain such an unusual phenomenon.

It appears that the world where Pokemon takes place has suffered through a great war in which most middle-aged men simply died. That is why there are so many single mothers and old people left. There isn’t much evidence proving this, but the constant battles between Pokemon and humans hint that the war is still going, but in a more subtle way.

Another fun fact is that you see kids who don’t go to schools, and basically just do whatever and go wherever they want. Further proof that they have no fathers, who may be a little bit stricter to them.

All this may sound really wild, but the theory definitely has the right to live.

In Destiny you play for bad guys

The golden rule of any narrative states that a protagonist is a good guy, so it is a common sense to believe that when you play as a protagonist in the game, such as the Guardian in Destiny, then you are a good guy.

But what if it’s not true at all? What if Guardians are just as bad as the aliens that they fight against? The hints to this can be found while you try to sneak up to Fallen Dregs, who will notice you and yell: “It’s the Darkness!” As you may know, the Darkness is the destructive force in the universe of Destiny, so why would they call us the Darkness? That’s a really good question, isn’t it?

On top of that, ask yourself: why the enemies are called Wizards, Knights, Acolytes, but your team is called either Titans, Hunters, or Warlocks, which all have evil connotations to them. Or how about the titles of the quests you are given, such as Slaughter the Fallen, Kill Them All or Decimate The Hive. Why not something along the lines of Save the World or Protect the Innocent?

Anyway, there are a lot of good points in this theory and you may see yourself in the different light from now on when you play Destiny again.

Shepard could have been indoctrinated

There are many crazy theories about the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3, but one of them has a really interesting point to it. If you remember, at the end of Mass Effect 3 Shepard is given three choices by the Harbinger: Control, Synthesis or Destroy the Reapers.

Well, many fans of the series think that this is just another manipulative move to indoctrinate Shepard and make him not destroy the Reapers after all, and here is why. The Destroy choice has a red color, which is nothing special at first, but when you think about it, you may remember that morality choices in ME3 are Paragon and Renegade, which correspond to good and evil, with the corresponding colors of blue and red.

So, if Shepard chooses to destroy the Reapers, then he will take the red choice, which makes him a bad character, and if he chooses to salvage them, then he will make a good choice, thus the theory of being manipulated by the Harbinger makes a lot of sense.

Booker DeWitt, Comstock and Andrew Ryan are all the same person

The main theme of Bioshock Infinite is the existence of parallel universes and an ability to move between them. So, there is no secret anymore that Booker DeWitt and Comstock – the protagonist and antagonist of the game – are the same person that made different choices in these parallel universes.

But this gamer theory states that Booker is also Andrew Ryan, another antagonist in Bioshock Infinite. This can be proven by following Elizabeth and Booker to the underwater city of Rapture in the DLC titled “Burial at Sea”. There is a bathysphere that can be controlled only by Andrew Ryan through the process of checking his DNA. And guess what, Booker DeWitt passed the test.

This means that he is not only Comstock, but also Andrew Ryan. Bioshock Infinite is one weird game, isn’t it?

Squall is dead through the entire last half of Final Fantasy VIII

Squall is the protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII – one of the best games in the series. At the end of disc 1, Squall and his friends fight Edea, the game’s antagonist. She seems to be defeated, but then she casts a powerful spell that kills Squall.

As you play the second half of the game, you see Squall being alive again and trying to find answers to questions from the first part. You may think that he survived the hit, but this theory suggests that he didn’t survive and everything that happens in the last half of the game is simply Squall’s post-death visions.

There's lots of evidence that prove this theory and there is even a dedicated fan-made website. So, if you are a fan of the game and never heard about this theory before, then check it out for yourself and get your mind blown.

What other crazy gamer theories surprised you the most? Share them in the comments section.

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