7 Mods That Still Need to Be Ported to Skyrim Special Edition

Skyrim is a modern classic, but even classics need a remaster from time to time. So with Skyrim Special Edition being a thing, these are the mods that need to make it to the console versions of the game. Now!

When mods were announced to be in all versions of Skyrim: Special Edition, fans were excited to see the potential of what these mods could bring into the world of Tamriel.

While hardware limitations can effect the availability of mods for your selected platform, it'd be great to see these mods come to Skyrim: Special Edition sometime in the future.

(Note: Some mods listed are featured on Xbox One, but are not on PS4)

5. Alternative Start -- Live Another Life

While the opening to Skyrim is interesting enough, we've seen the whole "Second Chance At Life" scenario too many times before -- and it can get stale.

With this mod, you wake up in a prison cell and are able to communicate with a Statue of Mara, where you'll be given the choice to begin your life again.

There are a multitude of choices in the Live Another Life mod. You can be a patron at a local inn or be shipwrecked. You can even begin life in Blackreach, everyone'favoritete Dwarven ruin. That certainly sounds fun, especially at level 1.

This mod makes for more interesting playthroughs time and time again, and would make a great addition to the games special edition on consoles. 

4. Frostfall

With Frostfall, weather effects are harsher and your only way to survive is to keep warm and stay fed. A great mod all around, Frostfall makes you do everything more efficiently.

Bringing to the table three new survival components, hypothermia, cold water survival, and camping, you also gain two debuffs, exposure and wetness, and two buffs, warmth and coverage.

Exposure is your main debuff here. It increases as you get colder, and it will affect your skills. Wetness will also increase your exposure.

Nearly all wearable equipment in the game has both the warmth and coverage buffs attached to them, which are like armor ratings against the environment. Drinking soup, wielding a torch, and providing frost resist also add to your warmth multiplier.

This mod would be great to have in all versions of the game, adding an additional challenge to an already challenging experience.

3. Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim

While the perks in Skyrim can be useful, this mod overhauls them to make way for a more impressive gameplay experience. There aren't any completely new skill trees for you to tackle, but here are just a few examples of the perks these mods add to your existing skill trees. 


Skill Tree: Archery

Perk: Trick Arrows

Players are able to upgrade many types of arrows at a forge or anvil, adding a bonus effect. (Force, Immolation, Freezing, Grounding, Maze or Death) based on the material.

Skill Tree: One-Handed

Perk: Shieldbiter

Forward power attacks with a war ax smash through a block, causing the target to drop their shield and take a critical strike that deals five times critical damage.


This mod allows for even more (and arguably better) perks to be used on our favorite builds. What's more, this mod opens up new avenues through which to play Skyrim, adding a completely new and fresh layer to this already classic game. 


2. The Paarthurnax Dilemma

Note: This slide holds spoilers for Skyrim's end game!

Paarthurnax is a much-loved character among many players of Skyrim, and it's easy to see why we love the wise dragon. (Myself included)

During your final questlines, Delphine and Esbern feel it would be best if you also bring down Paarthurnax. Despite the mission being optional, it's quite sad seeing it constantly in your journal. This mod changes that.

You can now persuade The Blades to set aside their differences and allow Paarthurnax to live freely. Should you still choose to fight him, you can expect him to have followers to back him up, so be ready.

It's nice to see different outcomes to classic quests through mods like this.

1.The Forgotten City

An award winning mod, The Forgotten City offers a completely new expansion to the Skyrim's base game, adding in a new story where you solve a murder mystery.

Alongside this, you meet new characters with their own stories, have to solve complex puzzles, and make moral choices that can alter the story's ending.

Yes, that's right. This mod features different endings, all depending on what you do. A new expansion with tons of options? Yes, please!

What mods do you want to see ported to Skyrim: SE? Let us know in the comments below!