Take a look at seven of the most totally badass Wonder Woman cosplays we could find!

7 Totally Badass Wonder Woman Cosplays

Take a look at seven of the most totally badass Wonder Woman cosplays we could find!
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The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is here -- and with both the Wonder Woman movie and Injustice 2 now released, those attending the event might just spot Diana of Themyscira cosplayers a few times on the showroom floor.

However, E3 is by no means the onlyconvention where cosplayers of the Amazonian Princess have appeared. At almost any convention dealing with anything nerd-related, you can find at least one Wonder Woman cosplayer. And some of them are seriously amazing -- almost worthy of movies of their own.

Let's take a look at some of the most badass Wonder Woman cosplays that you'll find on this side of the Amazon. 

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The All-New Wonder Woman #600 (2010)

Cosplayer: V330 Creations
Photographer: WeNeals Photography and Retouching 

In my search for the most badass Wonder Woman cosplay, this fantastic costume was the first to catch my attention. This particular Wonder Woman costume is from The All-New Wonder Woman comics, issues #600-614 (2010-2011).

As you can see, the detail is there -- from the shoulder pads to the belt and gauntlets. She looks more than ready to kick some ass is that snazzy jacket.

We'd like to link to her official social media pages, but her Facebook page seems to have gone offline. 

Injustice: Gods Among Us Wonder Woman Concept

Cosplayer: Kamui Cosplay 
Photographer: Jay Tablante Photography 

I gawked at this cosplay for a good long while. The detail alone is incredible, but the fact that it’s inspired by one single piece of concept art for Wonder Woman in Injustice: Gods Among Us just blew my mind.

If you are interested in the behind-the-scenes making of this costume, check out Kamui Cosplay’s blog post about its creation

Infinite Crisis Atomic Wonder Woman

Cosplayer: Meagan Marie
Photographer: Martin Wong Photo 

Next, we have yet another cosplay inspired by a game. Meagan Marie’s excellent rendition of Atomic Wonder Woman is from DC Comics' Infinite Crisis, a free-to-play MOBA that unfortunately shut down in August of 2015.

This cosplay has to be one of my favorites in the lot, because I’ve always loved the design of Atomic Wonder Woman. She even has the grit and grime one would expect from the Multiverse world this Wonder Woman hails from. Completely badass.

Silver Armor Wonder Woman

Cosplayer: Eve Beauregard
Photographer: What a Big Camera 

Eve Beauregard brings the Amazonian Princess to life with this costume. From the hair down to the sword and shield, she nailed the look right on the head. While I couldn’t find a specific comic, cartoon, or game this look was based on, the silver accents of the armor lead me to believe it’s New 52-inspired.

Gal Godot Wonder Woman

Cosplayer: Ambra Pannani (Deviant Art - Facebook)
Photographer: Alessio Buzi

Ambra Pannani is one-half of AmbraAura, a pair of Italian cosplaying sisters who both create and wear their costumes. The construction of this costume is almost spot-on to the movie version it was based on.

Trinity #16 Wonder Woman

Cosplayer: Adorabelle Costuming 
Photographer: Patrick Sun Photography 

With all the different costumes the Princess of Themyscira wears, it’s easy to find at least one badass look of every variety. Adorabelle Costuming brings to life the iconic Wonder Woman look that many fans of the comics and Justice League cartoon shows know and love.

Wonder Girl

Cosplayer: Lizzy Victoria 
Photographer: KnighthawK Photography 

Ok, I lied. This list doesn’t have seven totally badass Wonder Woman cosplays -- it has six totally badass and one completely adorable Wonder Woman cosplays.

This mini Amazonian Princess takes the prize for being the most adorably fierce of the seven. I could definitely see her taking up arms alongside a mini-Batman and mini-Superman, answering the call for justice!

That wraps up our favorite Wonder Woman cosplays, but what about yours? Link us to your favorite cosplays for Diane of Themyscira in the comments below!

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