8 Action Flicks that Would Rock as Telltale Adventure Games

The Ten Action Flicks that would make for some great Telltale games.

It's hard for anyone to deny that on the story side of things, Telltale games has been killing it. The Walking Dead has been consistently good, Tales from the Borderlands was great, and even Batman, a series that has traditionally thrived in the action-genre, put a new and interesting spin on the character of Bruce Wayne that has kept players coming back for more. So, why stop at video games and comic books? Here are 8 Action Flicks that would Rock as Telltale Adventure Games.

Die Hard

Why this works:

After the original movie, game designers and hollywood directors both have found it near impossible to duplicate the charm and charisma of the original Die Hard.

For one, it had characters that were relatable, and on top of that, there wasn't balls-to-the-wall action all the way through. That's why I think Telltale could really replicate the kind of greatness that no-one else could. By focusing more on the human side of the story, they might be able to bring back what Die Hard fans have been missing.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Why this works:

This is another movie rife with adventure game potential. We have strong characters, different and unique settings, and plenty of puzzle solving to boot.

On top of that, Telltale's QTE style of gameplay better serves a game that deals with the fast, split-second decisions that Indy has to make throughout the movie.

The Thing

Why this works:

The Thing would make for an interesting Telltale game because at its core, it is more horror than action. Not only has Telltale stayed away from the horror genre (no, The Walking Dead does not count), they have also steered away from small, single setting franchises that deal exclusively in character drama. 

This could fall flat on its face, or it could be one of the most intense and interesting games Telltale has ever released. 

The Bourne Franchise

Why this works:

A lot of people only remember the Bourne franchise for its action scenes and camera-work, but there was an important element that many forget; Jason Bourne is always looking for something. Beating up bad guys is a means to an end.

This is why I think that a developer like Telltale would be the best to bring Bourne successfully to video games. With them focusing more on the investigation than on the action, Telltale might finally be able to fully realize what the Bourne Franchise is all about.

The Terminator

Why this works:

I think everyone can agree that the 1980's are so in right now. So what better of a way to cash in on that neon-soaked '80's nostalgia than with a great movie that wears all of the tropes of the era like a leather coat.

Not only do the characters of Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor need some fleshing out, it also wouldn't be too hard to adapt the Terminator's hunting prowess to a genre focused on hunting for things.

All of this points to a movie worthy of the Telltale treatment.

The Fugitive

Why this works:

Like any good adventure game, there is plenty of mystery driving the plot of the movie The Fugitive. In this case, there is one important mystery that needs to be solved: Who set up Doctor Richard Kimble?

Not only does this give the story an emotional core, but it also allows for Telltale to include another protagonist: Samuel Gerard, the US Marshal hunting Kimble, who is convinced for most of the movie that he is guilty.

Not only does this give the player some interesting character interactions, but it also allows them to see the how choices one character affects the other immediately.

No Country for Old Men

Why this works: 

Much like The Fugitive or The TerminatorNo Country for Old Men gives us multiple protagonists to play and experience the story with, such as Llewellyn Moss and Sheriff Ed Tom Bell.

On top of that, however, it gives us one of the most terrifying antagonists in film to deal with: Anton Chigurh. Not only is he ruthless, but he brings a more grounded type of horror that is certain to unsettle many. If you haven't seen the gas station scene, I recommend you check it out. And if you have, imagine having to deal with that.

The Departed

Why this works:

Much like No Country for Old Men, The Departed would be a big departure from the usual type of games that Telltale produces. Most of the games on this list exist in a very clear world of fiction. The events of Die Hard would probably not occur in real life. Nor would those of The Thing, The Raiders of the Lost Ark, or The Terminator

The Departed, however, has events that feel possible. It would be tough for Telltale to tackle these kinds of characters and situations, especially with such adult materials, but I think it would make the game so much more interesting if handled correctly. There's plenty of gameplay opportunities there, so its up to the writers to show that they can deal with a story like this.

Those are the action movies that we think would make for great Telltale games. What do you think?

Do you disagree? What about Jurassic Park and Back to the Future? Why isn't Blade Runner on the list? Argue about it in the comments below!