Our list of the 8 best creative Minecraft servers is here to help you find the best Minecraft server for your creativity.

8 Best Creative Minecraft Servers 2019

Our list of the 8 best creative Minecraft servers is here to help you find the best Minecraft server for your creativity.
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At this point, there are thousands of Minecraft servers to choose from. A sign of the game's extraordinary popularity is the number of servers clamoring for your attention with promises of games, blocks, plots, and more.

But Minecraft is all about building, and at the end of the day, you just want to build something amazing. That's where creative servers come in.

Maybe it's a themed build, something like The Lord of the Rings, or maybe you want to bring your favorite Studio Ghibli film to life. There are servers for that.

Or maybe you really want to make a Game of Thrones world that doesn't have a crappy ending. There's a server for that, too.

From recreating the real world to honing your skills for professional building, there's an endless number of creative Minecraft servers out there waiting to be built on. That's why we've put together a list of the eight best creative servers to help give you an idea of what might fit your needs.

8 Best Creative Minecraft Servers for 2019

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Server: PirateCraft

Piratecraft is one of the most player-friendly creative servers out there, and an easy choice if you've ever thought the pirate's life was for you (yo ho, yo ho).

Whether you're building the biggest vessel on the seas or focusing your efforts on creating the best port there ever was, you've got a ton of space to work with in PirateCraft's creative mode.

Players get access to the standard 64x64 plot initially, but can accumulate up to 16 plots of that size. The admins encourage members to consolidate their plots into mega plots and build the most massive pirate world they can imagine as well.

There's a host of quality of life features to make that process easier, too, plus access to worldedit without jumping through any gimmicky hoops.

Should you wish to see your creation in action or use creative as a testing grounds, you can easily switch over to survival or PvP to see how your pirate skills match up to others as well.

Oh, and there's an instant parrot command that ensures your feathery friend is on your shoulder at all times. There's really not much else you could ask for.

Check out more about PirateCraft's creative mode here.

Server: MC Atlas

If you've ever wanted near-complete freedom to create your own world in the real world, then MC Atlas might be for you.

It's a server built on the old Ruincraft server and is designed to re-create the entire world in Minecraft form, with a 1:1,000 scale of the entire planet. 

You can build empires, focus on city-building, form national alliances with others, implement PvP in your specific area, or just be a hermit in a big world if that takes your fancy. MC Atlas also offers real-life weather features and ore deposits.

It also lets players group up with others and build Towns inside creative mode. The main page is still a bit barren, but fortunately, the Discord indicates it's a pretty active community. Unless you do want to be a hermit, there'll be plenty of folks to get building with.

There are some rules to note, though, which makes sense for such a big world. For starters, you don't get world edit and can't completely remake the world as you see fit.

Chop down some trees? Okay. Destroy an entire mountain range or block all water access to your lair? That's a no-no.

You can check out MC Atlas in more detail here.

Server: The Lord of the Craft

I know, I know. You've seen this one before. You're thinking, "This is roleplaying! Get out of my Minecraft." But The Lord of the Craft puts a twist on Minecraft roleplaying that has creative mode at its very core.

Despite the name, The Lord of the Craft isn't all about Tolkien's universe — and it doesn't have to be if you don't want it to.

Rather than creating your own Lord of the Rings world, you're task is to create your own world. Period. Whatever you want to be, be it, and Lord of the Craft encourages using building to express that identity and goal.

There's the usual roleplay modes, conflicts, and so on, but you can also focus on freebuilding in a variety of ways and avoid conflict if that's not the story you want to tell.

There's the petty build, which doesn't really consist of anything, all the way up to building your own settlement or forts. You can also use a variety of Minecraft skins to aid you in your expression. Builds do have to meet certain guidelines, as usual, but for the most part, it's a blank canvas just waiting for you.

Check out more about Lord of the Craft here.

Server: Minecraft Middle Earth

If you do want to re-create Tolkien's universe, then head on over to Minecraft Middle Earth. This is a purely creative server — absolutely nothing else on offer and no options to start anything else. The one goal is to build Middle Earth as you see fit.

You can do your own freebuilding, either just for the sake of it or to practice working on getting a certain style down.

However, you can also take part in organized community projects that take advantage of everyone's creativity to build things like towns, caves, and basically anything else in Middle Earth.

Members take on specific roles on the server, too, like builder or artistic designer, one who welcomes newbies, or just the average rank and file builder. Play nice and work hard, and you can potentially take on a new role if you so desire.

Check out more details and images here.

Server: UberMC.net

A lot of the bigger Minecraft servers don't have freebies and gate things behind votes. UberMC.net is one of the bigger servers with a store, but its creative server gives you a remarkable amount of freedom.

You get instant access to seven 70x70 plots, and you're free to claim them and turn them into a mega plot if you want. You don't get world edit, but you do get all physics enabled.

There's an impressive number of options available as well, including more than 1,500 different block types. These range from food and characters, to interior design blocks, and even Pokemon. 

Unlike some creative servers, you can use creative here to build your own games within games. UberMC has mini-game sections and the like, but you're free to make your own, and you can even turn your massive plot into a self-contained roleplaying experience.

It's basically the essence of the Minecraft experience, and you can see it yourself here.

Server: GhibliCraft

GhibliCraft is exactly what it sounds like: a creative Minecraft server dedicated to re-creating the worlds of Studio Ghibli.

It started several years ago as a one-person project and centered on My Neighbor Totoro and Howl's Moving Castle. Since then, it's expanded to include Spirited Away and Ponyo, and it's continuing to grow.

Newcomers start with two plots in freebuild mode. In Plot World, the main creative area, you get two 64x64 plots, and this is also the area where you can have your projects.

That doesn't mean you can't build whatever you want, because you can. But you can also work toward improving your rank on the server by filling out your plot, building superb creations, filling in homes and buildings, and generally working toward making your building skills even better.

Outside of that is a Large World area, where you get 2 200x200 plots and can do whatever without being judged, along with Town Plot that's exclusively about building houses. Finally, there's a regular world with no restrictions, where plots are obtained through voting, claims, and the other usual methods.

Even if you just planned on building strictly Ghibli-themed creations, there's enough variety in the studio's work to give you nearly endless opportunity. Take a look-see here.

Server: WesterosCraft

Yes, there's a creative server solely for the purpose of creating the entirety of Westeros. This one is similar to MC Middle Earth, except — obviously — it's Game of Thrones-themed.

Build projects can be either freebuild for contest purposes or group builds to tackle massive projects like the Winterfell you see above.

The goal is building all of Westeros, which means filling in the bits between known towns and fortresses, which is where your imagination comes in.

However, the team is even more ambitious than that. Projects have various guidelines to follow that will challenge your creative thinking. Some might ask you to take into consideration what way the wind is blowing, while others prioritize variation in stone formations and shading.

Eventually, the team hopes to move into Essos and potentially even turn the entire world into a massive open-world RPG — but that's at some point in the future.

If you need a bit more freedom, though, then it might not be for you, but you can head over to the main page to look around and see for yourself.

Server: Builder's Refuge

Builder's Refuge is a unique creative server. This isn't just for goofing off and creating, though there is always a learning opportunity in that kind of play. No, Builder's Refuge bills itself as Minecraft server for professionals who want to improve their craft and get to know other creators like themselves.

Given the server's goal, it's no surprise those wanting to go pro get access to world edit and a host of other features at no charge, to say nothing of the massive plots on offer without any rank gimmicks attached.

It's also home to the Darwin Reforged project that takes advantage of the Minecraft Forge to let builders create incredibly detailed scenes and buildings, usually with a medieval focus.

There are tutorials, networking opportunities, and an active Discord, as well as special worlds designed for streamers that let them interact with users — and it's all free.

Sure, this isn't the creative server for everyone, because not everyone has plans to go professional with Minecraft building. But if you do have those plans or think you might want to try it out because you're a prolific builder, there's not likely any better place than Builder's Refuge.


These are just a few of the many, many creative Minecraft servers loose in the wild.

Whether you prefer a channel for your creative impulses, more realism, or a place to spend time creating something to use outside creative mode, there's a creative Minecraft server out there waiting for you.

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