These eight games showed the world that indie games not only take more risks than the larger ones, but can often yield amazing rewards for gamers.

8 Best Indie Games for the PS Vita

These eight games showed the world that indie games not only take more risks than the larger ones, but can often yield amazing rewards for gamers.

While the PSP was discontinued in 2014 per Sony’s new direction with gaming, there were definitely some gems from the indie scene that shined through for the PS Vita. Without the bigger companies the mobile gaming hardware might not have been as successful as it was, but indie games allowed the more creative and riskier side of game development to lead the way while on the go.

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So what are the best indie games still available for the portable PlayStation consoles? Let’s see.

Super Meat Boy

By now, gamers across the world of PlayStation know the iconic title but may forget it was all done by an indie developer and can still be played on the go. Released back in 2010, Super Meat Boy won numerous awards and topped gaming lists everywhere.

The fast paced platformer gave a new life to the platform genre, elevating it among a wider audience cementing its place next to Super Mario Bros.; no matter how hard it was to beat.


Severed is a beautifully designed game exclusively for the PS Vita which may be the game’s only folly. The game follows main character Sasha through a bizarre world that truly needs a full campaign on other consoles that sadly only belongs to the handheld gamer or WiiU owners. The actual battles within the game focus on tactical decisions as enemies are both fast and dangerous. The game deserves it’s own spot on this list for not only the potential but the lack of credit given to this indie game.

Don’t Starve

The indie survival game Don’t Starve is iconic for its dark nature and perfection of the survival template. Created by Klei Entertainment, the game incorporates so many gaming elements in a randomly generated world gamers couldn’t stay away.

Though initially developed on Steam and then ported to PS4, the game also has the pocket editions that make it the perfect on the go survival game like no other.


Another platformer, Spelunky offers randomized levels giving each player a unique experiences and allows local co-op play as well. With changing game play and multiple playable characters this game is still fun with plenty of replay-ability. Often giving gamers a love/hate relationship with the game, Spelunky teaches its’ players to learn from the failures made to improve each level.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Created by developer Young Horses, Octodad follows the ridiculous and often destructive path of fatherhood. First made by students in 2010 who formed Young Horses, Octodad is an absurd game with amazing reviews — an even more amazing animation. The wacky physics of Octodad are made even better when gamers can band together to control other limbs and create what the devs call “limbsanity.”

Rogue Legacy

The 2D action platformer was created by Cellar Door Games and changes game play each time a player joins. The idea behind the changing game play is that the players child succeeds whichever character died, and each of them is unique in their own way, creating a legacy. Each level of the game is randomly generated as well, giving players a fresh challenge in even more ways. Rogue Legacy takes on the platformer genre similarly to indie greats like Spleunky, but with its’ own spin that gamers love.

The Swapper

Created by a team of four developers, The Swapper crafts an amazing atmosphere with puzzles and perfect atmosphere. Receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews, the game gifts players an intricate platformer that more than deserves a spot on the list of the best indie games of all time period. As a lone astronaut, players have to use their own ingenuity in an atmosphere that immerses them in the loneliness and serenity of space.


Few games can be as calming and quaint while also challenging players quite like Eufloria. Also taking cues from the future of space exploration, the game tasks players to explore and grow in order to survive. Developed by Rudolf Kremers and Alex May, the game has the feel of 2001: A Space Odyssey due to its’ soundtrack and ambience while also incorporating bright and soothing emotions. It is truly a game to relax on the go with as it is one of the most calming games of all time.

While consoles and pc have dominated the market in indie games, handhelds like the PS Vita have allowed growth in the industry for smaller and creative devs. Though in no way a complete list, these games all share a similarity in challenging players, forming creative stories, and allowing player choice to play a big role in success.

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