8 Minecraft Survival Island Seeds To Test Your Skills

These seeds will have calling out for Wilson and desperately trying to beat Tom Hank's island survival record!

These seeds will have calling out for Wilson and desperately trying to beat Tom Hank's island survival record!
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After the silliness of recent detours into not-so-famous celebrity Minecraft skins and a series of naughty seeds for the dirty minded, it’s time to get back on track with some serious seeds.

All the seeds below spawn you on an island with various biome types that have one thing in common: very few resources, and lots of ways to die. Think you have what it takes to tackle a survival island seed?

Important note: these seeds were all tested in Minecraft’s Windows 10 edition (which is very similar to the Pocket Edition). In other versions you will get totally different biomes or the seed may not load at all.

Spawn On A Sparse Island Surrounded By Water

Seed: 750505317

This one will test your skills, with only sparse elements available and very little opportunity to build anything substantial before night falls and the monsters come out. If you scan the horizon, you can see more (equally sparse) islands at the edge of your vision for those who fancy a nice long swim.

Spawn On A Towering Vertical Island

Seed: 750505317

A beauty to behold, this seed starts you on a small island that goes vertical rather than horizontal. There’s a killer view from the top, but you shouldn’t just go up – be sure to head around the side and find the cave to delve into that goes even further down!

Spawn Near Two Lush Islands

Seed: 238746687714901116

A little more survivable, this one has a lot more to offer and some underground areas to explore. There’s also an interesting difference on display here between the various version of Minecraft: in Windows 10 edition, this one spawns on a small island covered in tall trees next to a larger island covered in flowers with a few animals. In other editions, this is a tiny, dead island that’s nearly impossible to play.

Spawn Near A Series Of Large Islands

Seed: -6185261765285097501

With a long string of bigger islands with different biomes, it might seem like this one’s not too difficult to survive… but wait until you see all the aggressive mobs that come out of the forest!

Spawn On A Triple Island

Seed: 1631701723

This nifty seed gets you a varied collection of biome types on three small islands right next to one another, along with a random cow and pig here and there. The triple island seems to be a recurring theme, because you can swim off the coast and find more of these triple chains off in the distance with different spawns.

Spawn Near A Land Bridge

Seed: -398293529024122595

This seed plops you on a small island covered in trees but otherwise with very sparse vegetation: you’ll be lucky to grab a few mushrooms and that’s it. There’s lots of room to explore though without the danger of drowning, as the water isn’t deep at all. In fact, there’s only a tiny one-block layer of water leading to chain of similar islands with slightly different spawns.

Spawn On A Deserted Crescent Island

Seed: -398293529024122595

This crescent-shaped island is so big it’s nearly an archipelago, but for all that land mass its nearly devoid of anything usable or interesting. Staying alive through the night will be difficult for all but the most seasoned of Minecraft veterans.

Spawn On An Island With A Village

Seed: -1060246543

For when you’re tired of a lack of resources and nowhere to hide at night, use this fun little seed as a palette cleanser, starting you off on an island but straight in a pre-built and occupied village for safety.

What did you think of these Minecraft survival islands, and what seeds would you recommend we try out that start you off in a desert island with minimal resources?

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