9 Best Weapons in Dead Cells and How to Get Them

Here are nine of the best weapons, which can be found in the complete version of Dead Cells.

Dead Cells has finally left Early Access and can now be fully enjoyed as a complete game. Many things have changed since the launch of the game, including some new weapons that have been added during all the previous updates.

If you're a new or a returning player, then you might want to check out some of the best weapons that the game can offer. As you know each weapon requires a blueprint, and in this guide you can also read tips on how to find them.

Although, it's not an easy task to obtain all of these weapons, but if you don't try, you will never know!

Symmetrical Lance

  • Base DPS: 168
  • Base Combo Damage: 305

The Symmetrical Lance is almost a perfect weapon that can be obtained at the end of the game, after defeating the final boss -- The Hand of the King. The best part about this weapon is its ability to trigger critical hits right after you kill two consecutive enemies.

The hits are so brutal that dealing with the rest of the attackers wouldn't be a problem, since each next attack will stack damage. Also, if you manage to maintain your life total at 100%, Symmetrical Lance will deal +50% more damage as a result.

Giant Killer

  • Base DPS: 150
  • Base Combo Damage: 400

There is probably no better weapon in Dead Cells for killing Elites and Bosses than Giant Killer. But unfortunately, getting one is currently almost impossible, and most players will probably never see it in their stash.

It can be received only by completing Daily Runs, but the chance of getting one is incredibly low due to the random nature of the rewards. But if you manage to get one, you will be blessed with one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

War Spear

  • Base DPS: 149
  • Base Combo Damage: 142/306

This spear is very similar to AOE in its nature. It deals progressively more damage, if it hits several enemies at the same time, which makes it highly effective against a horde of attackers.

War Spear can by obtained by killing Hammer, an enemy that resides in the Prison Depths. However, the chance of him dropping the spear is rather low, so try again and again until you get one.

Frantic Sword

  • Base DPS: 137
  • Base Combo Damage: 235

Here's a sword for those who are on a survival plan. This means that Frantic Sword hits harder the lower your life total is. The sword activates at the point below 50% of health pool and starts dealing devastating blows to every attacker.

This weapon drops from Kamikaze, a bat-like creature that explodes on contact. Kamikaze can be found in the following areas:

  • Toxic Sewers
  • Old Sewers
  • Prison Depths
  • Fog Fjord
  • Graveyard
  • Forgotten Sepulchre

Marksman's Bow

  • Base DPS: 104
  • Critical Hit Damage: 311

If you're more of a tactical type of player and want to kill your enemies from a distance, then having a bow or a couple is the best choice. Probably the finest bow in the game is Marksman's Bow that deals critical hits every time you shoot from a certain distance.

The blueprint for this weapon can be found behind the Timed Door at the Ossuary, which closes approximately after 8 minutes. If you manage to get there in time, you will also get two scrolls of power.

Explosive Crossbow

  • Base DPS: 127
  • Critical Hit Damage: 254

This crossbow deals damage in the form of explosive bolts that spread damage in a radius of 4 units upon contact. Although the bolts are rather slow, if they hit, the critical damage is guaranteed.

The blueprint to the Explosive Crossbow can be found in the Promenade of the Condemned, a second area accessible only after the Prisoners' Cells. There you need to find three gardener keys for the locked doors using the Spider's and Belier's Runes, which will drop after killing elite undead archers.

Nerves of Steel

  • Base DPS: 125
  • Critical Hit Damage: 241

Nerves is a very flexible bow that can be charged before firing. The more you charge it, the harder it will hit. But don't think that it takes a long time to charge it -- only in 0.5 seconds it will be fully charged and deal critical damage.

The blueprint can be found at The Ramparts and only at a certain time. Go to the far right of the location and jump onto an invisible platform, which will appear only if the last tower doesn't open the exit  to the next stage yet.

Heavy Grenade

  • Base Damage: 70
  • Cooldown Time: 15s

Now it's time to talk about more crude weapons, but no less effective in dealing with large numbers of enemies. That's what grenades are good for! This heavy type of grenade deals so much damage that you will forget about other weapons for some time.

It drops from Bombardiers at the Clock Tower, but be careful with Shield Bearers who can kick back the grenades with their shields.

Cluster Grenade

  • Base Damage: 42/252
  • Cooldown Time: 16s

Cluster Grenade is even more brutal than Heavy Grenade. It splits into six mini-bombs, and each of those deals 42 points of damage for a total of 252 points of damage. The result is fascinating to say the least!

This weapon drops from Slashers that reside in the following areas:

  • Old Sewers
  • Ossuary
  • Prison Depths
  • Graveyard


That is all for the best weapons and how to get them, and look for other Dead Cells guides at GameSkinny!