We'd all love to be transported to our favorite game world, and these are the top VR games we'd love to see.

9 Games We Want to Experience in Virtual Reality (VR)

We'd all love to be transported to our favorite game world, and these are the top VR games we'd love to see.
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VR technology has been improving steadily, and dedicated VR gamers are always hoping for the next great experience. Virtual reality offers people the opportunity to immerse themselves into fantastic worlds and challenge their brains and bodies in new and exciting ways. The technology for virtual reality gaming is quickly improving, and after titles like Doom and Star Trek: Bridge Crew came to VR, the platform looks more promising than ever for gamers. To prepare for that glorious future, here are a few more games we hope to one day experience in VR.

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Overcooked is fun, hectic, and easy to pick up. It's a game where friends work together in a restaurant to get out as many orders as quickly as possible (think diner dash done even better). Its simple controls make it a great candidate for VR. This co-op frenzy would guarantee laughs, as you see your friends bumble around while you try to get those meals out on time. So it's easy to speculate that being inside a crazy kitchen like the kitchens in Overcooked would lead to even bigger laughs then the game already produces in groups of friends. And of course, the best part is there's no risk of actually cutting yourself with that kitchen knife!

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is breathtakingly beautiful. This action RPG features hunting, stealth, and a fantastic story, not to mention the landscapes in HZD are tremendous. Being able to experience that world in VR would make your jaw hit the floor. You would practically be able to feel the tall imaginary grasses while stalking your prey as Aloy. Imagine drawing back your bow and letting loose an arrow to see a monster fall before you. It's the thrill of the hunt -- except nobody actually has to get hurt. Which is good, since those machine monsters would probably be even more terrifying in VR.

For Honor

Ever wonder who would win a fight between a knight, a viking, and a samurai? If so, then this game is for you (and it probably still is, even if you never wondered). While it has its fair share of issues, like connectivity and microtransactions, For Honor has a very rewarding fighting system. If the game solved all of its issues and came out on VR, it would be a truly great experience. Who doesn’t want to grab the nearest sword and beat up on any unfortunate soul who dares come near them? The 3D environments in the game would be especially great to experience in VR, combat would bring entirely new challenges, it would be a great workout, and the arenas are small enough to traverse easily. There's almost no reason why this shouldn't work as a VR game.


Let’s face: it snowboarding and skiing in real life can be scary and downright dangerous for the inexperienced, not to mention relatively expensive. We're not all capable of going to the Olympics like Lindsey Vonn or Shaun White. Fortunately for us who are more risk-averse, but still love snow, Steep captures all that fun and excitement, without any actual risk of bodily harm. If we could be instantly transported to the peak of Denali and go for a high adrenaline race down the slopes in virtual reality, how could we possibly resist that temptation? Steep is highly acclaimed for how beautiful it looks, and in VR , I imagine we'd all be wondering why we can't see our breath while we trick our brains into feeling chilly.

World of Warcraft

So many fantasy and sci-fi novels talk about being transported into virtual worlds and going on adventures with friends. When World of Warcraft came out in 2004 it was the virtual world everybody had been waiting for. Now that we have the technology WoW VR would be the epitome of virtual reality experiences if done right. Just imagine being transported into a fantastical world and cooperating with 24 other people to take down a dragon 30 times bigger than you. It would bring a whole new meaning to the term heroic mode. If any MMORPG should be made into VR it's this one.


If any FPS would work well in virtual reality, Overwatch would. The gameplay is already favorable to VR: each character only has a few abilities to master, while movement is easy to master for most characters. As long as we had great wireless VR technology, so we wouldn’t trip all over ourselves, this arena shooter would be a fantastic way to spend a quick hour in VR. Players would get an opportunity to really challenge themselves against others and have a whole new way to compete with one another. Overwatch also has tremendous lore around it that people are in love with. Being able to go into a world you love and see your favorite characters (I'm looking at you Mei and Winston) would go a long way in bringing people real joy.


This one might turn your stomach, but from the first inklings of VR, Portal was part of the discussion. This 3D puzzler that redefined the way we think about puzzles would be a natural for VR. Imagine going through a level and hearing someone like GLaDOS talking behind us or above us (which would be a great game to take advantage of sound in a 3D space) and trying to get under our skin as we try to beat a level.While we have Portal Stories: Mel, it’s not the same as the mainline, genuine Portal experience. We want to blast our portal guns and travel through disorienting dimensions and vomit-inducing infinite loops!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

I haven't met a single person who doesn't like Mario Kart. It's easy to get the hang of, and you always feel like you have a chance to win the race. The levels are also delightful to drive through. I know, I know there’s already that Tokyo arcade that offers the VR Mario Kart experience, but if there could be a way for the common gamer to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe from the comfort of their own home, it would dominate the VR market. Fans would come in droves to VR to play this game, if only because nailing your friends with a green shell would never be more satisfying.


If for nothing else than just parachuting down with 99 other people Fortnite Battle Royale rounds out our list as a game we would love to see in VR. From building, to shooting, to hiding your way into the top 10, the cartoony Fortnite world would be an absolute delight to experience in VR. The PVE Save the World mode wouldn’t be half bad either. Fighting off wave after wave of cartoon zombies would be thrilling, and just the right amount of scary.


That does it for our list of games we want to experience in VR! What other games do you want to see in VR? Do you think any games wouldn't work in VR? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to stick around GameSkinny for more lists, guides, and news about your favorite games!

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