There are many great mobile puzzle RPGs just waiting to be discovered!

Addicted to Puzzle and Dragons? Here are 5 Other Awesome Puzzle RPGs for Mobile!

There are many great mobile puzzle RPGs just waiting to be discovered!
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Puzzle & Dragons and Candy Crush Saga aren't the only popular puzzle RPGs available for mobile devices. There are countless other clones and originals that too, challenge players' minds with puzzle mechanics. 

The following list showcases five other puzzle RPGs that are available now, waiting to be downloaded!

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(Credit: Legendary: Game of Heroes)

1. Legendary: Game of Heroes (Android and iOS)

This mobile app looks very similar to Puzzle & Dragons. Match three or more of the same color to clear a combo, and deal corresponding damage to your opponent.

However, one thing that stands out are the character designs. They look fairly interesting simply because of how unique each one is designed. Another interesting feature that this game has unlike Puzzle & Dragons is the ability to join guilds. As seen in the trailer, players can join guilds, make friends, and embark on adventures together.


2. Terra Battle (Android and iOS)

This puzzle RPG looks to be one of a kind! From the looks of the trailer, it looks like players need to align their monster cards with one another in order to flank enemies, and activate certain skills. It kind of reminds me of Tetris. The puzzle aspect revolves around coordinating your movement (since there is a timer) by moving your piece to the perfect position.

On a side note, I personally like how there is a download counter that displays what awaits players for every milestone reached. It sort of sets a goal and encourages people to try the game out. But to be fair, the trailer is from 2014, so it's safe to say that certain milestones have already been reached.

(Credit: Monster Strike)

3. Monster Strike (Android and iOS)

All you have to do is pull and release. Think of playing billiards. Choose a monster that is on your team, and pull it as hard (if you need to) as you need, then release. It will bounce around the battle area. If it comes in contact with an enemy, it will damage that enemy depending on momentum. If however, your monster touches an ally, then the monster that was touched will activate a certain skill. 

It's basically a fun physics game. I myself have tried this puzzle RPG, and it's pretty darn awesome.

(Credit: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe)

4. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle (Android and iOS)

There is a puzzle RPG based on Dragon Ball Z? Sure is! This mobile app allows you to once again construct a team of your most favorite characters from the series. And the gameplay is fun too! Players need to match Ki of the same color by dragging a path to the enemy. However, the color needs to correspond to the color of your character for maximum effectiveness!

The game is a bit tricky to master, but eventually will prove to be fun, unique, and challenging for any player. 

(Credit: towerofsaviors)

5. Tower of Saviors (Android and iOS)

Another puzzle RPG that followed in the footsteps of Puzzle & Dragons, Tower of Saviors is also a game where players must match three or more of the same color to get combos. But what makes this game great and unique are the monster designs. They feel "ancient." In other words, they look like they were ripped out from some fairy tale and put into this game. The background music is phenomenal as well. It's so distinct and different, that it's almost memorable.

Another aspect that separates this game are the monster skills. They are completely different from those from Puzzle & Dragons. For example, there is a skill that erases all fire orbs on the current board, and then deals damage to enemies based on the amount erased. Puzzle & Dragons is yet to incorporate such a skill. 


Do you yourself have a favorite puzzle RPG for mobile devices that wasn't mentioned in the list? If so, what is it? Feel free to share some of your favorite games in the comments below!

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