A collection of all the amiibo that didn't get announced, but we want to see anyway.

Amiibo That We Need!

A collection of all the amiibo that didn't get announced, but we want to see anyway.
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E3 is over and tons of new amiibo have been announced. But I felt that Nintendo missed an opportunity to announce even more amiibo during E3. So, I made a list of amiibo that I desperately want -- aka amiibo that should have been announced during E3. 

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Rowlet, Litten, Popplio


We got some information on Pokémon Sun and Moon during E3, but not much. Since every major Nintendo release was accompanied with, or at least supported by amiibo, I figured that amiibo based on generation seven starters would be really cool. Think about it -- scanning one of the amiibo would get you a daily item, or access to a legendary Pokémon. Something along the lines of cool if scanned, but not needed to finish the game, is the sweet spot Nintendo should hit. 

Paper Mario

Paper Mario

Paper Mario needs some love. Fans are criticizing the new game because it breaks the formula set by the first two games in the series. So, why not upgrade Paper Mario to a new generation by making a Paper Mario amiibo. The amiibo would look and feel like a Mr. Game and Watch amiibo, by being flat and allows an upgrade to your paint meter or a special attack that you can use. Either way, Nintendo is not going back to the original formula for the Paper Mario series. But hey -- at least it could look cool.



Like Paper Mario, Metroid also needs love. I mean what other game actually had a petition, calling for the game's cancellation. It's easy to say fans are passionate about Metroid, but lately it feels that Nintendo has forgotten about our favorite intergalactic bounty hunter.

The latest game we are getting is a spinoff -- which Nintendo has actively pushed at fans, while saying it is a real Metroid game. But then they don't acknowledge the game exists during E3? With an August release date you would think Nintendo would say something about the game during E3, but I digress.

What better way to throw fans a bone then releasing some Metroid amiibo? A Metroid amiibo can give you powerups during the game, while a Ridley amiibo could harm enemies. Maybe they are saving Metroid amiibo for Metroid NX......

More Waluigi

Super Mario


Even though Waluigi amiibo was announced during E3, we need more! Waluigi playing golf, Waluigi playing soccer, Waluigi kart! Break out your wallets people, it's gonna be a bumpy ride! 



With the recent announcement of Shantae: Half Genie Herowhy not pay homage to the company that first adopted their game and make a Shantae amiibo? With a unique character design, I am sure that developers can make some awesome alternate costumes or levels for that matter if you scan a Shantae amiibo into the game.

Either way, if that doesn't happen, we can still petition for her inclusion into Super Smash Bros: Wii U right? 

Yooka & Laylee


There is no reason that Nintendo would make an amiibo for this Kickstarter funded platformer, but I thought one would look cool. Since Yooka-Laylee has to be developed to use the Wii U gamepad, why not utilize the reader and make amiibo? Fans, I am sure, will buy it if the game is good enough (I mean, the Kickstarter passed with flying colors).

The amiibo could have an extra skin, something simple as an easter egg or a nod to Banjo & Kazooie. Plus, Playtonic can earn a little extra money to develop more games that pay homage to classic platformers. 

What do you think about my list? What amiibo should I have included? What was your favorite amiibo announced during E3? Let me know in the comments!

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