Get the best out of Hearthstone cards with the least amount of investment in these 9 best budget decks for the Kobolds meta.

Best Budget Hearthstone Decks for the Kobolds and Catacombs Meta

Get the best out of Hearthstone cards with the least amount of investment in these 9 best budget decks for the Kobolds meta.
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The cost of most competitive Hearthstone decks is out of reach for the vast majority of F2P players. If you're a new player, then getting at least one decent deck may take months of grinding. But how fun is grinding? According to the community's reactions -- not too fun!

But fortunately for us, Blizzard manages to release some powerful but cheap cards for each new expansion, and the latest Kobolds and Catacombs set is no exception. Every class has got some new and affordable toys to play with, so here are the nine best budget decks for the Kobolds meta.

Also, each deck now includes a corresponding deck string, so you don't need to draft each card separately. Just copy the deck string into the clipboard (Ctrl+C) and paste it in your Hearthstone client (Ctrl+V) for instant drafting.

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Aggro Beast Druid

Currently, there are three competitive Druid archetypes in Hearthstone: Big Druid, Jade Druid, and Aggro Druid. While the first two actually require big, expensive cards, the Aggro deck can easily take a win by simply relying on cheap yet effective creatures.

Kobolds and Catacombs gave us Dire Mole, a super-cheap beast with 3 points of health, Plated Beetle, another low-cost beast that gives you armor, and Hoarding Dragon, a 4-mana, 5/6 minion that can either finish off the opponent on turn five or deal with a big taunt that stands in the way.

The rest of the cards are standard Druid buffing spells, such as Mark of the Lotus, Power of the Wild, and Savage Roar. Together these cards make up some really fast and aggressive decks.

Deck string: 


Midrange Beast Hunter

Beast Hunter archetype has got a few good threats, too. Cards like Cave Hydra and Flanking Strike fit the deck perfectly. Cave Hydra is especially interesting since it can potentially deal damage to three minions at once.

The deck contains a few important synergies, such as Houndmaster and Bonemare, that can buff up Cave Hydra even further and completely disarm any opponent's threats on board.

The rest of the package consists of an effective early game in the form of Dire Mole, Alley Cat, and Fire Fly. The late game, as usual, is owned by Savanna Highmane and a couple of Kill Command spells, which can finish off the game in a surprising manner.

Deck string:


Secret Mage

A few new Mage secrets have been introduced in the K&C set with different purposes. This particular deck is built around Explosive Runes, which is perfect for tempo plays, as it deals damage to both enemy minions and heroes.

Another card from K&C is particularly exciting -- Arcane Artificer. It helps you build up some armor every time you cast spells. Imagine a scenario when on turn seven, the opponent's board is filled with minions, and your life total is too low. So all you need is to play the Artificer and Flamestrike on turn eight, which will clear the board and grant you 7 additional armor.

These types of plays are now possible in Secret Mage deck, which makes it more powerful than ever before.

Deck string:


Divine Shield Paladin

Crystal Lion is undoubtedly the best rare Paladin card from the K&C set. Its power entirely relies on the number of Silver Hand Recruits you control, and that's why this deck has all the possible ways of putting as many of these 1/1 tokens on the board as possible.

But how do you make the vulnerable Recruits survive in this meta? You guessed it right -- you need to give them a divine shield! The answer to this problem is Steward of Darkshire, which you must protect by all means. For this purpose, you have cards like Righteous Protector, Argent Protector, and Bonemare.

Then, play your Recruits and Crystal Lions for a final blowout. And, if you manage to buff them up with the help of your Rallying Blade, then victory is guaranteed.

Deck string:


Dragon Priest

This powerful archetype has existed since the very inception of Hearthstone. It had its ups and downs throughout the years, but this time it got an extremely strong dragon -- Duskbreaker -- making the deck once again viable for competitive play.

It's a perfect solution for all the aggro and midrange decks that tend to dominate the board in the early game with low-cost minions. So just wait and play Duskbreaker on turn four, and watch your opponents concede.

Two other dragons, Drakonid Operative and Bone Drake, will provide you with bonus cards, and such tech cards as Mind Control Tech and Eternal Servitude will help you out in dire situations. 

If you have the Karazhan adventure unlocked, then you can add a couple of Netherspite Historians to further strengthen up your deck, but that is entirely optional. 

Deck string:


Aggro Jade Rogue

Rogue is a very peculiar class, and it requires a proper win strategy. The new card introduced in the Kobolds expansion, Elven Minstrel, gives Rogue a chance to draw lots of minions in the mid-game, and it is an excellent choice for an aggressive deck like this one.

Jade cards play a huge role in this list as well, but the card you need to be most aware of is Vicious Fledgling. Protect it with the help of your taunts, Stonehill Defender and Tar Creeper, go face every turn, and buff it up to oblivion.

If your Fledgling gets killed, then pick up Questing Adventurer and let it grow turn after turn. As you can see, there are many outs here and more than one win condition. So, if you play it well, then you will rank up really quickly.

Deck string:


Evolve Totem Shaman

Blizzard obviously wants Shaman players to use totem synergies as evidenced by introducing several really interesting cards in Kobolds and Catacombs, such as Kobold Hermit and Primal Talismans, which can potentially generate a lot of totems for you.

But what do you do with all these totems on board? Well, the answer is simple -- you evolve them! That's right, all those little, useless totems can easily turn into an army of minions with the help of such cards as Evolve and Master of Evolution.

The rest should be easy. And, if your opponent plays a whole slew of taunts (e.g. Spreading Plague), then use Devolve to clear the path for your evolved minions. 

Lastly, you can add a couple of Bloodlust spells if you feel that your particular meta requires a more aggressive approach.

Deck string:


Demon Zoo Warlock

Zoolock archetype has lost some appeal lately after the release of the Frozen Throne expansion, but K&C will surely restore this deck to its prime status.

Consider cards like Kobold Librarian, Vulgar Homunculus, and Hooked Reaver. Then, combine them with demon synergies, such as Demonfire, Bloodfury Potion, and Crystalweaver. Together, these cards add up pretty well and create a new high-octane Demonlock deck.

Effective aggressive decks are almost unstoppable, and with the help of Warlock's hero power, which can draw you additional cards every turn, there is no way that you will lose tempo. So keep an eye out on this great list, as it will take the meta with a storm.

Deck string:


Armor Mithril Warrior

Are you tired of playing the same ol' Pirate and Control Warrior decks? Well, here is something fresh for you -- a Warrior deck with a brand-new win condition: Mithril Spellstone.

Before turn seven, when you can play the Spellstone, you need to play at least two weapons: Fiery War Axe and Blood Razor. Then, you will have three 5/5 creatures on turn seven, and potentially another three the next turn.

Of course, you also need to survive before turn seven. But don't worry, the armor and taunt synergies in this deck will make sure that you get there without too much hassle. So welcome a new budget lord of Hearthstone -- Armor Mithril Warrior!

Deck string:



Make sure to leave a comment below on which maximum rank you managed to get with the help of these best budget Hearthstone decks for the Kobolds and Catacombs meta.

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