Best Jungle Minecraft Seeds

Here are some of the best jungle seeds for Minecraft!

Jungle biomes are always very exciting because you never know what kind of interesting spots you will be able to find there, such as temples, ravines and even villages. Although jungle biomes may be a bit too confusing for the new players, this selection of the best jungle Minecraft seeds will give you all the necessary coordinates and information about the areas you will choose to spawn at.

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Seed: -2625099179307817818
Version: 1.7.2

Spawn at the edge of the jungle forest with a view of savanna and roofed forest biomes. This jungle seed has two temples at the following coordinates: -301 75 226 and -861 75 38. The first one, for example, has treasure chests with 5 gold ingots and a horse saddle.

There is a desert biome nearby with a whole slew of desert temples. One of them contains 3 emeralds, 2 gold horse armors and 2 diamond horse armors. It can be located by teleporting to these coordinates 122 75 -747.

The rest of the temples have the following coordinates: -192 77 1132, 699 83 -783, 594 75 562, 59 75 1134, 155 73 -2483, 1071 75 -420, 1176 80 374.

Seed: 7948347868149067123
Version: 1.8

Spawn in the jungle biome with 6 jungle temples located in this area. All the temples have chests with some very nice loot. The first one is located at -416 75 752 and contains 4 gold ingots and 2 horse saddles.

The second one can be found at these coordinates 320 75 1200. The chests inside this temple hold a diamond and 5 gold ingots.

The rest of the temples have the following coordinates: 240 76 1664, 1616 75 1616, 1728 78 1136, 2304 83 1232.

Seed: -2413235315839778947
Version: 1.8

You will spawn in the jungle area with lots of small patches of water all around. At these coordinates 37 73 247 you will find a jungle temple standing on the surface of the pond. The chests inside the temple contain 15 gold ingots, which is a great start for the survival game.

Behind the temple at the following coordinates 91 63 221 you will find a ravine that has several levels underground. Teleport to 104 30 170 and witness the most beautiful underground lava-fall in all of the Minecraft.

Seed: -9004836993073156691
Version: 1.8

Spawn amidst a lush jungle forest with a few surprises waiting for you. First, go to 86 74 151 for one of the two jungle temples – this one has chests with 3 diamonds and a horse saddle. The second one can be located at 709 75 294. Inside you will find two chests with 7 gold ingots overall.

Then, head to the following coordinates 691 75 274 and start digging into the ground. Soon you will end up at the stairs of the underground stronghold with multiple rooms and hallways. If you teleport to 693 34 238, you will find yourself in the room with the chest that contains 9 redstones, which is pretty incredible. Just be careful – the stronghold teems with spiders and zombies.

Seed: 9197771955056258053
Version: 1.9

Spawn in the plains biome with a nice little village nearby that has a library. If you can’t locate it, then just teleport to these coordinates 225 69 155. It stands right next to a jungle forest that extends into the ocean.

If you travel away from the shore, at 68 94 -234 you will find a huge jungle island. It’s a great starting point for a new survival game, when you can go back and forth between the village on the mainland and your jungle island offshore.

Seed: 917906770
Version: 1.8.9

You will spawn at the border of two biomes – jungle and desert. At each side you will find a temple. The jungle temple is located at -460 87 -251 and contains 2 diamonds and an emerald.

The desert temple looks unusual, but has even better loot, such as 3 diamonds, iron horse armor and a saddle. It can be found at the following coordinates -311 74 9. But be careful - there are several zombies roaming inside.

Seed: -5136872554856456624
Version: 1.7.2

Spawn in the plains area with a savanna biome nearby. Travel to the following coordinates 16 85 -480 to find the jungle temple and a nice pond standing close to each other. The temple is full of great loot: a diamond, 2 diamond horse armors, a horse saddle and 3 iron ingots. This is a great survival jungle seed for beginners.

Seed: 3399332931603865190
Version: 1.7.2

You will spawn on the ocean shore with a jungle biome close by. This area is pretty hilly, so you could easily make a fortress here with a great view outside.

Also, there is a perfect place for setting up a fort at these coordinates 325 95 103, where you will find a jungle temple on top of the hill. The chests inside the temple contain a diamond and 14 gold ingots. But first, you will need to deal with a couple of zombies inside the temple.

Seed: -8203000256860110379
Version: 1.7.2

Spawn pretty far in the jungle area. Your first point of interest will be a multi-level ravine at these coordinates -227 75 294. You can travel really deep down into the underground levels by using the creative mode.

Then, at the following coordinates -154 75 360 you should be able to spot a jungle temple. The chests inside have a stash of some cool treasure, such as 3 diamonds, 8 gold ingots and a horse saddle.

Seed: -106396336
Version: 1.7.2

Spawn at the intersection of four different biomes: swampland, jungle, mesa, and plains. This is a great seed for people who don’t like to spawn inside the jungle forest where it’s easy to get lost, but still would like to have a jungle temple nearby.

So, here you will spawn near a nice village with a blacksmith. You will find a full iron armor set inside his chest and a pickaxe. The jungle temple at these coordinates 100 76 39 contains 5 gold ingots and some iron ingots as well.

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