Best Minecraft 1.15.2 Seeds for February 2020

Minecraft's Buzzy Bees update keeps moving forward with the latest 1.15.2 version. Check out this month's best seeds for the best of this release.

Minecraft has changed quite a bit since the last big update for Buzzy Bees.

Now, the chance to encounter bees and bee nests in their natural habitat has been reduced: from 5% to a measly 2%. Luckily, though, we've been able to find a few seeds that have bees at spawn. 

Loot drops have also been randomized. Consequently, you will encounter different items inside each chest each time you log in. The RNG, of course, makes things more uncertain, but it also makes them more fun.

Here are this month's best Minecraft seeds for 1.15.2.

Seed: -051414470359979

Coordinates: 200, 250
Biomes: Various

After you spawn, swim across a channel to your west. You will find a swamp village at coordinates -1000, 50. Near the village, you will also see a desert temple at coordinates -1000, -150.

Travel across the mesa hills to find a desert village between mesa and forest at coordinates -1300, -200.

Seed: -506292430328442433

Coordinates: 50, 250
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest, Savanna

Here, you will spawn at the base of a mountain chain surrounding a valley. This northern region consists of three biomes: forest, savanna, and plains.

Each of the three biomes has a structure. In the forest, you will find a woodland mansion at coordinates -750, -1000. On the plains and savanna you will find two villages at coordinates -300, -900 and -250, -1250 respectively.

All three structures are close to each other, making travel between them easy. 

Seed: -768703644186084

Coordinates: -50, 200
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

In this seed, you will spawn on a tiny survival island to the south of a huge island. You will find a village on the island at coordinates -250, -750.

Around the island, you will also find several shipwrecks. The island itself has a ravine with an exposed mineshaft. It's rather big and covers almost the entirety of the island's underworld.

Seed: -508489819995059

Coordinates: -250, 250
Biomes: Savanna, Desert

Here, you will spawn at the foot of a savanna mountain. The mountain has some incredible floating islands; they are hovering over the land as high as 200 blocks.

This area is surrounded by a desert biome, which has four villages with desert temples at the following coordinates:

  1. 350, -250
  2. 650, 50
  3. 1050, -750
  4. 1150, -1300

Seed: 8908515137583112

Coordinates: 150, 250
Biomes: Various

In this seed, you will spawn in a forest, which is separated from a desert biome to the north by a huge mesa. You can find several villages that border the mesa at the following coordinates:

  1. -1000, -300
  2. -950, -800
  3. -300, -1200

The main point of interest is located at coordinates -550, -1450, where you'll find a shipwreck hovering over an end portal. It's located close to the last village.

Seed: 109247332624780394

Coordinates: -50, 50
Biomes: Desert, Plains, Jungle

As soon as you spawn, go to the east. There is a village alongside a desert temple at coordinates 300, 40. Under the village you will find two monster spawners with three treasure chests.

Head north to coordinates 700, 40 to find another village near a jungle pyramid. Inside the pyramid, you will find a couple of chests with gold.

Seed: -817514380900689

Coordinates: 250, 250
Biomes: Forest, Plains, Savanna

Here, you will spawn near a village at coordinates 550, 200. Most of the buildings are on a lake on small platforms.

After visiting the village, go north to coordinates 1650, -850. You will find a savanna village that stands at the base of a woodland mansion. There is a building on the hill that gets flooded by a small waterfall.

Seed: -042813658712769

Coordinates: 50, 200
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

In this seed, you will spawn in a jungle biome that provides a path to the ocean along the seed's western shore. At coordinates -750, 600, you will find an island village surrounded by icebergs.

Not too far from the island, you will also find a taiga village at coordinates -550, 950. Be sure to check out the icebergs, as you may find some ship wreckages all around them.

Seed: 224573580619473

Coordinates: -50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

This is another fantastic seed. It has an island village south of spawn at coordinates -1000, 800. Though, there are no other structures around for thousands of blocks.

However, you can always get wood from the trees on the surrounding uninhabited islands.

Seed: 71242920966108

Coordinates: 100, 250
Biomes: Desert, Mesa

Most glitches in Minecraft are usually funny or just plain weird. The glitch in this seed, though, happens to be useful.

At coordinates 1100, 800, you will find a village with a house that spawns inside a desert temple. It actually spawns so well that you can easily enter the house through a door from within the temple — no extra mods required. 

Seed: 5959707346600301496

Coordinates: -250, 250
Biomes: Plains, Desert

If you're looking to harvest honey and breed bees, then this is a seed you want to visit. It provides both at spawn. 

There's also a village at coordinates -200, 250, which will provide you with a platform for farming.

Since bees are now super rare in Minecraft, so be sure to save this seed for the future.

Seed: 3959387106497633553

Coordinates: 150, -250
Biomes: Mesa, Ocean

In this seed, you will spawn on one of the small islands surrounding a huge mesa continent. The entire shoreline of the mesa biome is covered in coral reef.

There are several exposed mineshafts along the beach, too. Be sure to scout this area for a ton of valuable materials.

Seed: 3844839014888084346

Coordinates: -200, 150
Biomes: Jungle, Ocean

Here, you will spawn on an ocean shore that opens up to a fantastic view of icebergs and a small jungle island.

North, you will find four jungle temples, all of which are close to each other. Here are their coordinates:

  1. -800, -500
  2. -750, -700
  3. -1250, -450
  4. -1200, -900

Seed: -6125693033502183060

Coordinates: 250, 150
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

Sometimes villages spawn too far from the mainland, but not in this seed. From the spawn point, you will see the village at coordinates 400, 200. It is a rather large settlement that has more than 20 buildings. Unfortunately, there is no blacksmith.

Further to the south you will also find an ocean monument at coordinates 650, 250. This monument can be a great source of gold if you manage to get there.

Seed: -8380602187828980404

Coordinates: 250, 150
Biomes: Plains, Desert, Savanna

In this seed, you will spawn close to a village and a desert temple. Although the loot inside the temple is pretty good, you may also want to check out another source for valuables.

At coordinates 700, -600, you will find a very rare double skeleton dungeon spawner with four chests.

Of course, it would be dangerous to raid the dungeon, but that's what Minecraft survival mode is for.

Seed: -1771551813221826074

Coordinates: -50, 250
Biomes: Ocean

Here, you will spawn on a super small island with no trees. However, there is an ocean monument underneath the island.

The mainland is fairly far away, so it's going to be a very extreme survival game for sure. However, if you do get tired of making things work in such a dire situation, the closest shoreline can be seen at coordinates 600, 250.

From there, you can head east, where you will find a village at coordinates 1700, 50.

Seed: 2589905029645458118

Coordinates: -150, 100
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

This island survival seed offers something even more quirky. There is a zombie village at spawn.

The first thing you need to do is light up several torches to keep the zombies away, and then you can start cleaning things up.

Fortunately, the island is not that far away from the mainland, so just swim west, and you should quickly land on the shore.

Seed: -7496036246500390480

Coordinates: -150, 200
Biomes: Plains, Forest

For those who want to explore the depths of the end portal, this is a seed that has both a zombie spawner and a stronghold. They are at coordinates -1900,-565 and coordinates -1910,  -500, respectively. 

If you're lucky enough, the end portal will have a few active eyes, so it won't take you too long to collect the rest in order to activate it.

Seed: -290853556159601

Coordinates: -150, 250
Biomes: Plains, Mushroom Island, Ocean

Here, you will spawn on an ocean shore with taiga forest. Swim south and at coordinates -300, 1350, you will discover an island village that stands extremely close to a mushroom island.

The space between the two islands has enough blocks to create a convenient bridge, so take advantage of it. Also, explore the caves on the mushroom island to find some good ores.

Seed: 140948893774935170

Coordinates: -250, 150
Biomes: Plains, Forest

Often, when you find a woodland mansion in the forest, it stays empty due to a lack of friendly NPCs. But if there is a village nearby, you could always bring them there and fill the empty spaces.

In this Minecraft seed, you will find such a woodland mansion at coordinates -500, -750. It stands near two villages at coordinates -250, -750 and 100, -800, respectively


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