Best Minecraft seeds for building a desert outpost

Looking to run off into the desert? Here are the best seeds to build your isolated desert home.

While many Minecraft players prefer building near lush jungles or grassy plains, I've always liked the idea of building secluded outposts in the middle of the desert. Limiting yourself to just sand blocks forces you to think of creative house designs. Plus, living in desert with limited resources is the ultimate challenge in survivor mode.

Are you up for the challenge?

Well I hope so because I've collected 5 of the coolest desert seeds to build your outpost in. 

Perfect Desert Seed - Pocket Edition

Seed code: Crash 

Lets start off our list with a great desert seed by Jerenvids.

With three villages and two temples right at spawn, this seed is great for new players looking to get some experience in desert biomes. The villages are full of resources to get you started, and even include a blacksmith. Also, desert temples are close enough so you can start exploring day one. 

Once you have enough food and building supplies, start searching for a good spot for your outpost. This seed is full of hills, mountains rivers so there is no shortage of scenic locations to build.

Enchanting Quick Start Seed

Seed code: -838329079

Continuing with beginner seeds, is a desert seed designed to get players moving quickly. The starting temple has an enchanted book with four enchantments -- as well as bones, gold, a saddle, and iron horse armor. 

Once you've gathered your resources from the temple, try to find tame a horse for quick travel across the desert. There are a few temples and desert wells to explore. Plus, there are savanna biomes nearby, which will be your only source of wood.


Awesome Biomes!

Seed code: -5292382787242612878

As seen in the aerial shot above, Shadowofthewolfaj's desert seed provides players with a balance of desert and jungle. You spawn near desert, plains, and jungle with plenty of melons. So gather up as much wood and food as you can because there is a village with a blacksmith located in the middle of the desert. 

Like the previous seeds, find a nice spot to settle and start building. However, you can get even more creative with your outpost designs because of all the jungles and forests nearby.


Rare 3 Desert Temples Seed

Seed code: empire

I liked Jerenvids' seeds so much that I had to include another one. 

This seed version is similar to the Perfect Seed listed before, but forgoes the villages and replaces them with three massive desert temples. The temples are full of great loot, which can be seen in the video above. 

Other than desert temples, the seed looks great. A river flows through the desert and there are plenty of hills and mountains to break up all the flat scenery. 

Although the seed was made for Pocket Edition, the author said they work on newer versions of Minecraft


Extreme Hill Seed

Seed code: 1168863261

If you are looking for an adventurous desert seed, then check this out. A massive mountain dominates the desert landscape and should leave you with plenty to explore. There is also a desert temple and village near spawn for quick resources. 

That concludes our best Minecraft seeds for building an awesome desert outpost. Try them out and comment below, or if there are any other cool seeds I missed.