Break Your Mouse With The 4 Best F2P Clicker Games on Steam

Clicker games have become hugely popular on Steam in the last few years. But which free-to-play clicker games are worth your time (and mouse)? Let's find out!

Clicker games have become hugely popular on Steam in the last few years. But which free-to-play clicker games are worth your time (and mouse)? Let's find out!
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If there is one genre of game that has baffled me since its first appearance more than any other, it would be the clicker. As millions of people worldwide began getting seriously addicted to them, I watched quietly from a distance with a raised eyebrow asking myself: why?

Needless to say, curiosity eventually got the better of me and I began venturing into the genre. Surprisingly, I found myself quite enjoying them. With there being quite a few F2P clicker titles available on Steam, I decided to seek out the best there is to find on the service. Here's what I came up with!

Tap Tap Infinity

Scary Bee LLC

First up is Tap Tap Infinity. The first thing that you will notice when playing this is that it is very similar to Clicker HeroesBut when you think about it, what clicker game isn't? What this one does differently, however, is it creates a rank system where you gain XP per kill that unlocks spells and powers, and uses infinity tokens that are used to purchase bonuses.

Let's not forget to mention the colorful and charming 3D visuals that accompany a variety of different characters. It doesn't differ massively from the game that inspired it, but it is still a good old clicker fun.

Time Clickers

Proton Studio, Inc

Time Clickers is a bit of odd one in some ways. It is definitely the sort of mindless game you would sit back and play on a Sunday afternoon while suffering a major hangover from the night before. This is due to its constant progression, as opposed to other titles that have roadblocks and make idling becomes essential to progress.

Sure there is the typical reset mechanic -- but with each reset, you do gain some pretty impressive heightened DPS when the given bonuses are placed correctly. It is quite an engrossing game that is a lot easier on you than other clicker titles. It gives you regular money boosts too.

If sitting back shooting a neverending supply of cubes is sounds like a good hangover cure, then give this game a shot. You'll be amazed just how much fun shooting squares can be.

Clicker Heroes


If I didn't include Clicker Heroes on a list of the best clicker games on Steam, there would be an absolute riot -- and for good reason. Clicker Heroes is definitely the most solid of the clicker games available on Steam.

While it is a bit slow starting off, once you get into it and start making some decent progress, it begins to show just how beefy it is with content. What can I say? It is highly addictive and satisfying to play. Once you start, you will find it hard to stop.

Crusaders of The Lost Idols

Codename Entertainment Inc

I've saved the best of this list for last with Crusaders of The Lost Idols. While the game has all the usual mechanics of other clicker titles, it brings a whole new dimension that creates a very different experience -- the formation mechanic.

You must place your crusaders in the formation, with each one having specific skills and roles that apply advantages to help battle the constant onslaught of enemies. It also has quite a good sense of humor to it, often parodying or referencing many various famous films and the likes.

It is still in development using the Steam Early Access program, and introduces new features quite often, along with regular events that bring in new challenges and crusaders to unlock. CoTLI doesn't just take inspiration from other titles; it evolves them to create a unique clicker experience.

And there you have it -- the best F2P clicker games you'll find on Steam right now! From the 3D visuals of Tap Tap Infinity to the unusual Time Clickers and the ever evolving Crusaders of the Lost Idols....there is a clicker game to suit everyone. Just remember to have a spare mouse handy, because you are going to be needing it.

What are your thoughts on our list? What is your favorite clicker title? Let me know in the comments below!