Prepare to die... laughing! It's time we looked at some hilarious Dark Souls videos.

DORK SOULS! A Collection of Dark Souls Spoofs

Prepare to die... laughing! It's time we looked at some hilarious Dark Souls videos.

As much as the dark and brooding stories of From Software’s Souls franchise creates very successful action RPGs, their fanbase is much the opposite in their praise. Much of what you’ll find on the internet is hilarious, whimsical, and downright stupid funny. In this list we pick out some of our favorites. 

Recommended Videos

(WARNING: These videos contain spoilers to the Dark Souls franchise, and some will contain language not appropriate for all ages. Viewer discretion is advised.)

ThePruld‘s classic Dark Souls cinema

This was made using a filmmaking software (most likely Valve’s Source filmmaker) to create a hilarious yet brief movie of three friends and their journey across the lands.

Videogamedunkey‘s DUNK Souls. Get it? It’s a play on both the name- yeah you get it.

While Videogamedunkey is most known for his videos on League of Legends and a wide variety of games, but he also has done extensive videos on the Souls series. This video has his signature style with a lot of comedy- while making fair jabs at the series along the way.

Jameserton‘s Happy Souls

Out of all the animations I’ve watched, Happy Souls is the best without resorting to the most generic fan jokes. It does focus around Dark Souls 2 (you diehard fans might disapprove) but it also gives it a better identity in the sea of lesser Souls animations.

Iron Pineapple‘s Kirk Fan Club. This video is so fitting for that name, too. 

Landing on the latest entry, Dark Souls III, Iron Pinapple gives a hilarious video of what hard work and jolly cooperation can give you! The result is- well, you should just watch the video. 

After watching hours of these videos for purely professional needs, these videos had me laughing to the point of almost swallowing my gum. But it just goes to show you the talented and dedicated fanbase that From Software has acquired over the years.

Have some favorites we missed? Let us know in the comments section below, and as always, thanks for watching! 

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