Fallout 4 Settlement Mods You Need To Install

Tired of the clunky settlement system with its messy menus and lack of options? These mods turn settlement building into what it should have been from the beginning!

Tired of the clunky settlement system with its messy menus and lack of options? These mods turn settlement building into what it should have been from the beginning!
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The biggest new feature in the long-awaited Fallout 4 (aside from customizable power armor) also happened to be one of the game's biggest disappointments. Yep, we're talking about settlements again, which has caused a serious love/hate (or just maybe hate/hate) relationship with Fallout fans.

While a steady string of DLC over the last few months added in a ton of settlement options, it still overall didn't quite make the game live up to the earlier entries in the series.

Where developers fail to deliver, modders step in to pick up the slack. If you've been hesitant to pick up settlement building or tried it and didn't care for the limited options, these mods will completely change your perception of how settlements can work.

Settlements Expanded

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An overhaul of settlements entirely, this mod increases the maximum number of placeable objects, gives you all the required perks for building various objects, places 1,000 of each building material in your inventory, and greatly expands the number of items in the building menu.

Basically this one's a starter kit of sorts if you want to give settlements a try but don't have the patience to go hunt down a ton of materials manually.

Longer Power Lines

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Sweet mother of apocalyptic god, if you only install one mod with this frustrating settlement system, make it this one! With this nifty mod, your power lines can extend all the way from one edge of town to the other.

No more guessing which item (totally lacking a description...) is meant to extend your power lines across larger settlements, and no more having to wonder how many power sources you can hook up to junctions.

Fallout Custom Paintings

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While the various settlement-focused DLC did add in new aesthetic options for your town creations, there were still some seriously lacking areas. For a cool indoor area, this mod gives you 22 different paintings featuring iconic Fallout art from throughout the game's history.

Better Settlement Warning Messages

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This mod changes the warning messages about settlements being under attack so you can't miss them. Instead of in the top corner, they pop up as main system message at the center of the screen, and also warn you as to what type of invader to expect (ghouls, synths, raiders, etc.).

Precise Object Movement

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Do you absolutely hate the workshop's method for placing objects? This essential mod takes out all the hard work for you, instantly putting in console commands so you have far more precise control over exactly where an object is placed and how its oriented. You can tilt left, right, up, down, diagonal and so on in a much better way than Bethesda's original clunky system.

Better Settlers

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This nifty mod massively expands the settler options so you don't get repeats, with a huge range of facial options, skin tones, outfits, weapons, etc. The Better Settlers mod ensures each settlement will look unique and have a more visually appealing (and combat-capable) cadre of settlers.


Snap 'n Build

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If you don't have any of the DLC that covered this territory already, the Snap 'n Build mod adds in some great structure options that line up and snap together well, such as bunkers and greenhouses as well as new roof and window sets.

The best part is that they get their own sub-heading in the workshop menu, instead of each piece being flung around the already convoluted settlement building screen.

Workshop Rearranged

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Note that this mod requires you to have the Nuka World DLC in order to function, but if you've got that expansion it us well worth picking up. Workshop Rearranged does exactly what it sounds like: streamlines the disorganized workshop menu, revises the snapping system to be more user-friendly, and as a bonus, adds in hundreds of new objects to use!


There are a ludicrous number of mods currently available for Fallout 4, from changes that turn the post-apocalyptic setting into a full-fledged horror game to mods specifically themed around Nuka Cola.

After you try out some of these settlement improvement mods, let us know what you thought of our picks, and be sure to recommend us more excellent settlement mods below!