Fallout 4 boasts an impressive creations suite for settlement building. In less than a week some amazing settlements have been erected, come see the very best of the best!

Fallout 4: The 5 Best Settlements (so far)

Fallout 4 boasts an impressive creations suite for settlement building. In less than a week some amazing settlements have been erected, come see the very best of the best!
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Fallout 4 is awesome. It's an incredible game with tons of quests, great characters, beautiful/insane world - a game that we deemed a masterpiece and in a league of its own. The game would still be a masterpiece if that was all that it included but it has a small little feature that a couple of people are enjoying. That feature is settlement building.

Building your own settlement in Fallout 4 has turned out to be perhaps the best new feature and the biggest surprise of the entire game. This mechanic has taken the gaming world by storm and there is even a subreddit dedicated to showing off your very own settlements. The five settlements you are about to check out in this slideshow were taken from that Reddit page, as well as the Kinda Funny PS4 community.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of awe-inspiring settlements created in Fallout 4 already. Seeing what gamers have managed to create in less than a week is truly incredible. If you've dabbled in the settlement building, get ready to feel pitiful, if you haven't dabbled, prepare to be daunted.

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5. Skywalker

You might look at this quickly and think it doesn't look all that special but it provides you with a plethora of architecture ideas. I hadn't considered connecting two buildings to one another before seeing this ingenious design. Well, thanks to Kuyozi via the Kinda Funny PS4 community, I've got lots of potential blueprints running through my mind.

This building is a lot harder to create than you might think and requires some impressive foundation set-up. At number 5, it doesn't quite match-up to the settlements yet to come, but it's very creative and inspiring, yet manageable for the average gamer - which the next 4 are not.

4. Treehouse of Horror

Wow. That was the only word that came to mind when I set my eyes upon this image. To build a normal settlement is hard but to build one around the tree in Sanctuary, as well as make it look genuinely well-designed and liveable, is no easy feat.

Sadly this is the only image available of this incredible settlement and that is why it doesn't feature higher in this list, but it certainly channels the inner child in all of us! Thanks to Qz7624 on Reddit.

3. Bliss

This, probably more than any other I've seen, is the most idyllic settlement yet. This one truly looks like a slice of humanity has returned and somewhere you would want to live, were there a nuclear apocalypse.

The green grass, the pretty strung lights, the windmill, the shapely shacks, and the nicely timed sunlight, make this settlement one of the more relaxed and attractive. Who, in the Commonwealth, wouldn't want to live here? To see another picture of this peaceful settlement at night, click here.

This particular settlement was posted to Reddit by DJWhitePeople.

2. Red Rocket Fortress

The Red Rocket Gas Station is a nice one for building because it's on flat ground and relatively isolated, but you take one look at this fortress and you just want to close the garage door on yours and never return.

This construction is an engineering masterpiece. It looks like a city unto itself. When I see settlements like this, I feel like Homer when he tried to build the BBQ...WHY DOESN'T MINE LOOK LIKE THAT?!

Hit this link to see a ton more photos of this insane fortress by cptnFrog!

1. Wolverine's Sanctuary

This surprisingly pretty version of Sanctuary was built by (Reddit user) striker8807. He clearly spent a lot of time building houses (with great interiors), lights, walling off the town, and the awe-inspiring Wolverine light-show.

This Sanctuary beats out the Red Rocket Fortress because it has Wolverine. Duh! If you want to see much more of this awesome settlement, check out the Imgur album: 

Well, I think we all feel a little less S.P.E.C.I.A.L right now. But don't feel too bad, these five settlements show you the incredible depth to which you can build and create in Fallout 4. They also give you tons of great ideas and inspire you to get back out there and start building your own Sanctuary worthy of the name!

It's hard to believe these, along with hundreds more on the web, settlements were created in less than a week. It's exciting to think what might be created in 6 months to a year. There are some very creative people out there and seeing their structures inspires me to get back into the Commonwealth and crafting a megastructure of my own, which will likely end up being a two story house with some beds, maybe a balcony if I'm feeling really creative. Regardless, happy building wastelanders!

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