With the leaked information on the new hero, Sombra, it's time to look at heroes that deserve to be in Overwatch!

Five Overwatch Characters That Don’t Exist, But Definitely Should

With the leaked information on the new hero, Sombra, it's time to look at heroes that deserve to be in Overwatch!

If you’ve played Overwatch, you know it comes with a decent cast of colorful characters. While most of the heroes are just down right perfect, some seem to lack the power that some of the other heroes have, making them less viable options as go-to gunners. Regardless, every in-game character is unique in their own way, bringing different weapons and different abilities to the table to suit basically any play style.

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But even so, Overwatch feels like it could use more heroes to join the fight. And for several months now, Blizzard has been teasing fans with a single new hero — the hacker Sombra. Although fans are getting a little tired of the painfully long lead-up to this hero’s release, they’re still hoping that she’ll be just the first of many other new faces to come. 

Perhaps we’ll see more darker characters like Reaper and Black Widow, or perhaps we’ll finally get a well balanced healer. (Don’t get me wrong, Healers are great and all, but they’re either difficult to use properly, or are so easy to use that it’s painful.)

But we don’t know right now what’s coming after the Sombra release. So we’re taking a look at five fan-made (and otherwise imagined) heroes who aren’t currently on the Overwatch roster, but should be. 

5. Rivet

One thing that isn’t common among characters is a melee hero — someone like Reinhardt with his giant war hammer. And while some think that a melee character could be a bad idea (with some guns blazing towards you), there is one fan-made character that really stuck out.

Rivet was created by ArtStation user Rafael Zanchetin when he was recreating a character he had made with the same name, while also giving a detailed sketch of all of her abilities and moves (My favorite one is called John Cena, when Rivet blinds enemies in smoke).

The reasons why Rivet (or someone like her) should join the Overwatch team are endless. She seems like a fun character to play as and with, she looks like she could really take on someone in a fight, and her weapon and ability design is fantastic.

Plus, she would make a great addition in the Talons.

4. Mackenzie

Medieval characters are fun to play as in almost any game. Wielding a sword, axe, or hammer compared to a weapon that fires bullets has an almost cleaner feeling. So even though we already have one medieval style hero, it just doesn’t feel like enough.

Mackenzie, created by Mikhail Mishkin, is a warrior who uses an old-fashioned jousting spear against his foes, with abilities that could make him just as powerful as Reinhardt. To have Mackenzie in the game as an Offense, or even a Tank, would make him a pretty powerful hero.

3. Ota-Kun

D.Va is one of the most antagonizing characters, with her ultimate being able to wipe an entire team, no matter how much health you have. Hana (Commander of the Mech) also has the ability to delete bullets as they are fired at her, and has thrusters that sends her mech flying towards players.

Ota-Kun, a character I thought of long ago, would be a part of Hana’s team long ago when she was still playing eSports — her second in command if the competition ever came to that. He would be a support character who puts up a shield around the players to heal them, while deflecting bullets off the walls of the shield and causing them to ricochet towards enemy players.

Ota-Kun’s name was just a play on the word “Otaku”, which he used as his username during the competitions. He became great friends with Hana until he was kicked off of the team for cheating. Giving D.Va an old friend-turned-enemy would expand the lore just a bit, and would give players a real reason to feel sorry for her and pity her. Plus, that cinematic trailer would look beautiful.

2. Twinfox

Tracer is possibly one of the most frustrating characters to play against, and just as difficult to use if you don’t know what you’re doing. It seems only a handful of heroes can actually face Tracer head on and manage to beat her.

Twinfox, created by Andrey Ivanov on ArtStation, is a hero who seems as if she could be a rival to Tracer, and even possibly a well-made challenger against Tracer. Twinfox could clone herself as a decoy, but during her ultimate, can clone two more copies to wipe out an entire team.

Twinfox could be more powerful compared to Tracer, and could be someone that players would want to play as to finally take out Tracer with ease.

1. Kid/Doomfist

Now this one is a stretch. Back when Overwatch had its first cinematic trailer, we were introduced to two young boys going to an Overwatch exhibit. One thing that really stuck out to me was that we never saw these two brothers again in anything. Nor had we even learned their names.

The older brother from the trailer, “Kid”, would be amazing to have as a hero, since you could make his backstory heartbreaking. Perhaps his younger brother was lost during a battle in their hometown, causing “Kid” to break back into the exhibit to take Doomfist’s gauntlet and fixing it to use himself, becoming the hero his little brother looked up to.

These are just a few of the potential characters that we think would make great additions to the Overwatch team. What other heroes would you like to see make an appearance in the future? Let me know in the comments!

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