Here are the five things everyone should do right when they begin playing Fallout 4.

Five things to do first in Fallout 4

Here are the five things everyone should do right when they begin playing Fallout 4.
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There are tons of things to do it Fallout 4 and for new players it can seem a bit overwhelming. It can be hard to decide what to do first after you emerge from Vault 111 but I’m here to help. Here are the first five things you should do when you start Fallout 4.

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Number Five

Go Home

First things first, go back to your home as soon as you leave the vault. It should be your primary objective anyway, but it’s important. Go back to your home and talk to Codsworth, he will have information about what has been going on and tell you about where to go next. Before you go to Concord however take a look around the old neighborhood for some goodies. A couple houses have safes that can be lock picked for a few good items. Also, go into your old house and go to your baby’s old room, Look under the dresser and pick up the book “You’re SPECIAL” it will allow you to add a point to your S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills.

Number Four

Mess around with the building system.

You can use your old neighborhood as a new settlement right when you start the game. You can even begin working on it right away if you want. Go over to the workshop and open up the menu, begin scraping all the junk around the neighborhood and collecting tons of scrap. Scrap all the old cars and any trees you don’t want, these will come in hands in building your first home. Once you have enough materials, either build a premade home or begin building your own home. It’s really fun to just mess around with all the unique things you can create in the game. Your imagination is the limit.

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Number Three

Build Negan’s bat from The Walking Dead.

On your way to Concord for your first quest you will come across a few homes. One of the homes on the right side of the street will have a baseball bat behind the door, grab it and head back to the “Red Rocket Truck Stop” you passed on the way, go to the weapon bench inside the garage and work on the bat. The three things you will need to create the bat are the bat, two steel and one adhesive. It will be called the “Barbed Baseball Bat.” You can even take it a step further and give it a dark black paintjob. There you have it, you are ready to start cracking skulls just like Negan from The Walking Dead.

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   Number Two

Go to Concord

Going to Concord will begin your first real questline in Fallout 4. Here you will have to take out a few Raiders before you are able to make it to the museum and talk to Preston. Once you take the Raiders out make your way into the museum and fight your way to the top. Make sure that you go into the basement and either lock pick or hack the terminal next to what looks like a big generator. Once you make your way into the room with the generator take the fusion core -- you will need it later -- and continue to the top.  Once you make it to the top you will meet Preston, a member of the Minutemen, and he will thank you for helping. He will then tell you to go to the roof and……well you will see. You’re in for a treat; that’s all I will say.

Number One

Find Dogmeat

Dogmeat is a big part of this game and I would suggest that you try and find him right off the bat. After you leave the vault head towards your home, when you get to your neighborhood take a right down the street and keep walking until you come upon the “Red Rocket Truck Stop.” It’s a big gas station, you can’t miss it. Once there, Dogmeat should run over to you and give you the option to tell him to follow you. Once he is following you talk to him again and mess around with all the fun things he can do. Make him do a trick, search for supplies, look for enemies, or tell him to go inspect something for you. Dogmeat is such a great addition to Fallout 4 and I’m happy he can’t die.  

And there you have it, Five things that you should do first when you begin playing Fallout 4. I hope everyone out there is enjoying the game and is as happy with the game as I am.

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