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From beat 'em ups to post-apocalyptic zombie wastelands, the My Little Pony series has undergone some extensive makeovers from creative fans!

Friendship is gaming: the best My Little Pony crossover art

From beat 'em ups to post-apocalyptic zombie wastelands, the My Little Pony series has undergone some extensive makeovers from creative fans!
This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

A few months back while looking for the best NSFW recreations of famous video game art, I stumbled upon some really in-depth Fallout / My Little Pony crossover fan fiction, complete with artwork.

To my surprise, there was a whole lot more to this phenomena than one devoted fan putting a pony in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. That probably shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, as My Little Pony's popularity has exploded in recent years.

It's not just little girls who make up the fan base either - there's actually a huge section of the geek culture who are getting in on the action, including the creepy/awesome bronies. We've reached a point of the series essentially becoming mainstream: you can even expect to see all sorts of My Little Pony apparel and knick knacks at your local Hot Topic or Spencers. 

While a good deal of the crossover fan art online is pornographic in nature, there's plenty that's actually SFW, and that's what we're going to cover here, from Mario Kart getting a saddle and hoof makeover to zombie horror games like Left 4 Dead getting an injection of magic friendship.

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Mario Bros.


OK, so the Italian plumber mustaches are freaking me out, but everything else about this is just absolutely perfect as two classic series collide.

Rather than mushrooms they'd probably get cutie marks to power up, and after a long slog through many platforming worlds, a less-than-amused Rainbow Dash would probably discover that Princess Equestria is actually in another castle!

Pony Kart


An enterprising fan on the Game Crossovers section of made a whole series of these vehicles covering most of the different My Little Pony characters.

Incredibly, they include full stats and methods to unlock new cars and racers in a fictional Mario Kart rendition. I'm actually sort of surprised a game like this hasn't happened yet, and its a shame all this work went into something that won't ever get made.

Bioshock Infinite


I'm not sure how Elizabeth would lose part of her hoof instead the tip of her finger, but whatever, this is awesome. The Pony universe gone dark with all sorts of time travel / dimension hopping would be amazing, and I'd easily watch a film recreation of Bioshock Infinite done with horses. That golden Songbird in particular has my interest piqued.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy


This is another one I'm sort of surprised hasn't actually happened in some form or another. My Little Pony as a fighting game could actually work, especially if they pulled in all those diverse characters of different species. Maybe more of a Smash Bros. feel to keep up the lighthearted nature?

Final Fantasy 7


I'm absolutely loving Applejack as Tifa and that spot-on Dr. Whooves as Vincent. Serious question though: what would the ponies ride for the chocobo races in Gold Saucer?

Even if it weren't explicitly a Final Fantasy recreation, there's no reason a My Little Pony turn-based JRPG couldn't be done (it actually happened with Sailor Moon back in the SNES days). Somebody out there with RPG Maker surely has given this a go by now?

Uncharted 2: Among Ponies


The cigar and mustache are just absolutely killing me, and that cutie mark is perfect! Seeing this style and considering where it could go next is making me seriously wish for some insanely explosive pony mayhem in a Just Cause mashup though...

Pony Of War


No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is a blood-spattered pony as Kratos, who probably just accidentally murdered his family and is gearing up to go on a deicidal rampage. OK, I'd actually play this game if it existed, no question about it.

Much like with the Fallout fan fiction crossover, this particular image has been used in a fan fiction story series titled “Bridled Fury” (see what they did there?).

Ponies Of War


I'm imagining Princess Luna and her locust pony horde bubbling up from the depths of the earth and sort of wishing this was a real thing. Just think of those epic chainsaw executions... Would Spike take the role of the dreadlocked Skorge from Gears 2?

Dead Space


Oh man, this would just ruin things for everyone and seriously destroy some childhoods. Imagine all those gut-wrenching, gag-inducing ways Isaac dies in these games (getting an arm torn off by the slamming shutters and watching it float away outside the glass always gets a cringe from me). Now apply all those scenes to adorable little ponies!

Game Of Thronies


This one would probably be even more innocence-shattering than the Dead Space crossover, and would absolutely give a whole new meaning to that scene where Daenerys eats a horse heart...

Several people have put together opening My Little pony crossover segments in Game Of Throne style, like this one:

Left 4 Pony


Another game that would probably be a lot of fun if given the chance to exist, a Left 4 Dead crossover mashup would be hilarious with ponies reading the dialog.

Derpy would obviously be taking the role of Ellis, and I'd pay money to hear Apple Jack shout "reloading!" while Big Mcintosh yelled about traveling down the "tunnel of love" as zombie hordes swarm all over.


Trotting Dead


Good lord, this one would get you right in the feels as Princess Equestria has to teach Fluttershy some harsh lessons about surviving in the zombie apocalypse... Would you pull the trigger in the last scene, or leave her to die and rise again as a zombie?

Assassin's Creed


There's a metric ton of these Assassin's Creed mashups covering the entire series from basic pencil sketches all the way up to intricate digital masterpieces that match the original style.

Templars, Assassins, and everybody in between gets in on the action in this massive series that seems to have really ignited the creativity in My Little Pony fans.



This is perhaps the one that would destroy some minds and kill any remaining vestiges innocence the quickest, even above and beyond the Dead Space or Game Of Thrones crossovers. From the questions of whether the ends justify the means to the unexpected rape scene, this downer of a super hero tale would make some kids grow up real quick...

Sonic: Pegasus Dash


Hah, why not? A high speed platformer where ponies are battling robotic enemies while picking up collectible rings could work, and would probably be some amusing fun for an afternoon or three. Come on indie pixel art developers, hook us up with something unofficial already!



In a reminder of how small a number Valve can count to, somebody just had to go here with a My Little Pony mash up. Sadly, there's more chance of this game series coming out and reaching part 3 than there is of the actual Half-Life 3 ever seeing official release...

While there is in fact a freemium mobile game for iOS / Android, the series hasn't made nearly as big an incursion into console or PC gaming as many other famous cartoon series.

Based on all the fan art, it seems like that's a missed opportunity, as clearly gamers are interested in the two worlds coming together.

These 16 crossover series aren't even the bulk of the My Little Pony recreations that have tread into the gaming universe - there's a whole lot more out there to be discovered with a little searching.

Which was your favorite from our list, and what excellent crossover art have you found that should have made the cut here?


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