Jump Scares and reaction videos can be endlessly entertaining. To hear the high pitch screams of others always warrants a big smile and a laugh.

Funniest jump scares and reaction videos on YouTube

Jump Scares and reaction videos can be endlessly entertaining. To hear the high pitch screams of others always warrants a big smile and a laugh.
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Everybody loves to watch someone else get scared — it’s human nature. The facial reactions, the hilarious high-pitched scream they let out, and a near fatal heart attack is all wonderfully enjoyed by tons of people on the Internet. As long as it’s not us, right?

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Well, prepare to laugh, because this article will show you some of the best jump scares and reaction videos YouTube has to offer.


Jump Scare Compilation

Professional wrestler Xavier Woods runs this YouTube gaming channel. and it features a bunch of videos of wrestlers joining Woods to play their favorite video games. While the videos that don’t include jump scares are also entertaining, the reaction videos of Woods playing survival horror games are the real gems. It is funny enough when it is just random people getting scared, but it is even funnier when larger-than-life wrestlers scream like little children.


Scariest Moments of Gaming

I think at this point in time, as people who play and love video games, we all know PewDiePie. If you don’t, then boy do I have a treat for you. PewDiePie and his reaction videos are some of the funniest videos you’ll ever watch. Watching this guy go from nearly pissing his pants to trying to think of soft, cuddly kittens is some of the best entertainment YouTube has to offer.


Five Nights at Freddy’s Reaction Compilation

The king of yelling hilarious statements while cowering in fear is here. Markiplier is very loud and very funny, and his Five Nights at Freddy’s reaction video certainly proves that. His channel is comprised of many jump scare and reaction videos that are definitely worth checking out.


Boogeyman VR

 This guy literally just loves getting the crap scared out of him. His channel is only jump scares and reactions. He even uses the Oculus Rift in most of his videos, so this will give you a good idea of how much you will be crying if you happened to try survival horror VR games. Let’s take a moment here to appreciate this guy for allowing us to cry laughing at his hilarious screams and reactions.

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