GameSkinny’s Favorite Pokemon of Each Type

Various GameSkinny member's favorite pokemon.

Recently, the Pokemon community has been flocking to an image generator that lets you create a chart of your favorite Pokemon, organized by type. People have been sharing their charts all over Twitter, Reddit, and community forums, and igniting conversations about their favorite Pokemon. 

This easy-to-use generator allows you to scroll through a dropdown menu that contains all Pokemon of a certain type, pick which one you want to include, and then generate an image based on all your choices. These grid-style images are easy to share online, which has made the generator go sort of viral in various Pokemon-related communities.

To join in on the fun, we've asked some of our GameSkinny writers and community members to create their own type charts, and we've curated them here so you can get a taste of what our favorite Pokemon are here at GS. Let's dive in!

Adelgirl's Favorite Pokemon

Above is my personal list of favorite Pokemon. I love dragon type Pokemon, and tried to put as many cross-type dragons as I could into my list. The others are various Pokemon that I have relied on during playthroughs of multiple games in the main series and really enjoyed -- like my choice of Talonflame for my Fire Pokemon.

Some types I'm not a fan of, but I still have very specific Pokemon that I like -- like the Bug-type Pokemon, Scolipede.

  • Grass: Decidueye
  • Fire: Talonflame
  • Water: Empoleon
  • Normal: Exploud
  • Electric: Luxray
  • Psychic: Gardevoir
  • Fighting: Kommo-o
  • Rock: Rockruff
  • Ground: Flygon
  • Flying: Altaria
  • Bug: Scolipede
  • Poison: Mareanie
  • Dark: Hydreigon
  • Ghost: Palossand
  • Ice: Walrein
  • Steel: Jirachi
  • Dragon: Mega Charizard X
  • Fairy: Mimikyu

Zantallion's Favorite Pokemon

Veteran JTPer and Senior Mentor Zantallion has a pretty interesting lineup here. In case you're wondering why he's chosen Vibrava instead of Flygon as his favorite Dragon Pokemon, he says it's because middle stage Pokemon don't get the love they really deserve -- and because Vibrava's design is really cool, especially the wings. 

As you might be able to tell from this lineup, Zantallion really loves Generation 5 Pokemon.

  • Grass: Decidueye
  • Fire: Ho-Oh
  • Water: Samurott
  • Normal: Bewear
  • Electric: Galvantula
  • Psychic: Deoxsys
  • Fighting: Buzzwole
  • Rock: Nihilego
  • Ground: Torterra
  • Flying: Sigilyph 
  • Bug: Araquanid
  • Poison: Scolipede
  • Dark: Mandibuzz
  • Ghost: Trevenant
  • Ice: Cryogonal
  • Steel: Durant
  • Dragon: Vibrava
  • Fairy: Cutiefly

Auverin's Favorite Pokemon

As a seasoned Pokemon fan, our Senior Editor here at GameSkinny had a number of old-school Pokemon on her list -- accompanied by a few newer faces in the series. 

Auverin only gets to sink her teeth into Pokemon games every few generations, so there are some pretty wide generational gaps in her favorites list. It's pretty obvious that she's played some of the older games, and picked the series back up around the time that Pokemon X and Y came out. A lot of these picks also come from her love of the anime series, rather than her experiences with these Pokemon in-game.

  • Grass: Oddish
  • Fire: Blaziken
  • Water: Lapras
  • Normal: Jigglypuff
  • Electric: Jolteon
  • Psychic: Mew
  • Fighting: Lucario
  • Rock: Mega Aerodactyl
  • Ground: Dugtrio
  • Flying: Lugia
  • Bug: Butterfree
  • Poison: Victreebel
  • Dark: Umbreon
  • Ghost: Gengar
  • Ice: Articuno
  • Steel: Steelix
  • Dragon: Dragonair
  • Fairy: Xerneas

Greyson's Favorite Pokemon

GameSkinny JTP veteran and Senior Mentor Greyson Ditzler had a tough time picking his favorite Water-type Pokemon for this list. And if you take a look at his choices, you'll see that he managed to sneak a second Water Pokemon into his choice for the best Ground Pokemon.

Interestingly, Greyson chose the half-evolved Graveler as his favorite Rock type, rather than the fully evolved Golem. Perhaps this is because in earlier Pokemon games, when Geodude and his evolved form were still pretty powerful, there was no way to get a Golem without trading it to another person to trigger its evolution.

Other than that, this Pokemon fan seems to have a wide range of Pokemon and generations across his favorite types. 

  • Grass: Roserade
  • Fire: Turtonator
  • Water: Staryu
  • Normal: Snorlax
  • Electric: Galvantula
  • Psychic: Gardevoir
  • Fighting: Heracross
  • Rock: Graveler
  • Ground: Swampert
  • Flying: Braviary
  • Bug: Vivillon
  • Poison: Muk
  • Dark: Krookodile
  • Ghost: Spiritomb
  • Ice: Crabominable
  • Steel: Metagross
  • Dragon: Goodra
  • Fairy: Mimikyu

Wizard of Warsaw's Favorite Pokemon

This JTP veteran and Senior Mentor made some very interesting choices for his list. While most people choose final evolutions as their favorites in these type categories, Wizard of Warsaw opted for the basic forms of their Grass and Fire choices, Chikorita and Fennekin. 

It's also pretty cool that Shuckle is his choice for the best Bug-type Pokemon. Like most Pokemon that don't evolve, Shuckle never seems to get much attention -- so it's nice to see this turtle-looking fellow get a spot as someone's favorite Bug Pokemon.

  • Grass: Chikorita
  • Fire: Fennekin
  • Water: Feraligatr
  • Normal: Bewear
  • Electric: Alolan Raichu
  • Psychic: Espeon
  • Fighting: Heracross
  • Rock: Tyranitar
  • Ground: Camerupt
  • Flying: Talonflame
  • Bug: Shuckle
  • Poison: Toxapex
  • Dark: Hydreigon
  • Ghost: Aegislash
  • Ice: Walrein
  • Steel: Kartana
  • Dragon: Salamence
  • Fairy: Togekiss

ActionJ4ck's Favorite Pokemon

Senior Mentor and guide writer extraordinaire ActionJ4ck compiled a list that consists mostly of Generation 3 and 4 Pokemon, with no Gen 1 Pokemon in sight. You might be thinking that Venusaur is a Generation 1 Pokemon -- but the form he's chosen here is actually Mega Venusaur, which wasn't introduced until Generation 6. 

All in all, this Pokemon fan has a nice spread of pocket companions that, for the most part, don't overlap in types.

  • Grass: Mega Venusaur
  • Fire: Infernape
  • Water: Swampert
  • Normal: Ambipom
  • Electric: Galvantula
  • Psychic: Metagross
  • Fighting: Scrafty
  • Rock: Lycanroc
  • Ground: Flygon
  • Flying: Braviary
  • Bug: Heracross
  • Poison: Alolan Muk
  • Dark: Absol
  • Ghost: Sableye
  • Ice: Mamoswine 
  • Steel: Mamoswine 
  • Dragon: Haxorus
  • Fairy: Togekiss

ThatGamersAsylum's Favorite Pokemon

Unlike some of the other Pokemon fans in this list, JTP Mentor ThatGamersAsylum has a strong preference for Steel and Dragon Pokemon. This is fairly obvious in his choices for these types, but it's also apparent in his choices for Ground, Bug, Psychic, Electric, Fighting, and Flying Pokemon -- all of which have Steel or Dragon as a second type.

Although he's not a big fan of Normal-type Pokemon, he did really enjoy using Staraptor in his first Generation 4 run. He's also the only community member who included multiple mega-evolutions in his roundup.

  • Grass: Venusaur
  • Fire: Arcanine
  • Water: Swampert
  • Normal: Staraptor
  • Electric: Magnezone
  • Psychic: Mega Metagross
  • Fighting: Mega Lucario
  • Rock: Lycanroc
  • Ground: Mega Garchomp
  • Flying: Skarmory
  • Bug: Mega Scizor
  • Poison: Toxapex
  • Dark: Mega Tyranitar
  • Ghost: Decidueye
  • Ice: Alolan Ninetales
  • Steel: Mega Aggron
  • Dragon: Dragonite
  • Fairy: Gardevoir


That wraps up our collection of beloved Pokemon by type! What do you think of our favorites? Want to share some of your favorite Pokemon with us? Let us know down in the comments -- we'd love to see them!