Get Immersive: The Best PS4 Immersion Mods for Fallout 4

Take your Fallout 4 experience to the absolute next level with these mods that will totally immerse you in the post-apocalyptic Commonwealth!

Better late than never?

Mods are finally available for all you patient PS4 players, which means Sony enthusiasts are busy playing catch up with the tens of thousands of PC mods and 4,500+ Xbox One mods already available (and counting). The pickings at the moment are slim, but the number is growing as dedicated modders get to work.

If you want a more realistic game that draws you in and makes you forget Fallout 4 is a digital landscape, then immersion mods are what you should start installing first.

Unfortunately, many of the PC immersion staples haven't been ported over to the PS4 yet, so here we're going to cover what's available so far and what PS4 users should be downloading immediately for a better Commonwealth wasteland experience.

Insignificant Object Remover

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Nothing breaks immersion like a stuttering frame rate. While that's typically more of an issue on PC when the graphics are turned all the way up, it's been known to happen on consoles as well.

This mod not only makes the game look a bit cleaner, but it also removes hordes of tiny, insignificant objects that are generated on the fly, which can cause frame rates to slow down in cluttered areas.

The end result? An all-around better time exploring the Commonwealth and getting lost in the story.

Water Redux

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A graphical overhaul to draw you into the game world, Water Redux does exactly what it sounds like; It changes water based on its location on the map. Some water is more clear and pure as it moves, while other pools are stagnant and can't be seen through. If you don't care for how the water effects look in Fallout 4, be sure to download this one ASAP.

Simple Green

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Want a greener, less dreary world? While this sort of mod thrives in the PC setting, it's more difficult with the restrictions placed on console mods, which led to the creation of Simple Green.

The mod gives Fallout 4 more grass and trees across a variety of areas, and it also allows you to plant new trees in your settlements. For those wondering why nothing grew back after the war, give this one a shot.

Realistic Bullet Velocity And Gravity

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The Fallout games aren't exactly known for their realistic physics. In fact, every time a new one comes out, there's bound to be a gag reel of bugged objects smashing into each other in bizarre ways.

Changing things up a bit, this mod alters how combat works so that bullets/lasers/etc. no longer instantaneously hit a target after you pull the trigger. Objects now take time to move through the air, and they can lose precision the farther they have to travel.

It makes for a more challenging and realistic experience while battling raiders and deathclaws in the irradiated wasteland.

Simple Survival

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An alternative to the game's main survival mode, this one adds in immersion and realism elements that give a purpose to all the food objects found throughout the game. 

With the mod installed, your stats will go down when you are hungry, thirsty or haven't slept. Raw or irradiated food will cause you problems, and limb damage isn't healed as easily with food, either.

Your experience will get harder, but accomplishing anything in this unforgiving survival mode will be well worth the effort.

Settlement Supplies Expanded

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Exactly what it sounds like, Settlement Supplies Expanded greatly increases the number of objects you can use, like furniture, fences, decorative objects and more. For a more well-rounded experience when building your perfect settlement, this is the mod you want.

Tony's Immersive Fallout

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Creating major changes across the board, Tony's Immersive Fallout radically alters health, damage and armor for both the Sole Survivor and all the enemies/NPCs you will come across.

There are no more enemies with huge amounts of health (Legendary enemies in particular have been culled entirely), and there's no more gaining extra health as you level -- what you get at the start is what you get.

Consequently, armor is now more important and scales with the damage of weapons. Most enemies will have about the same health as you, too, creating a more even -- but deadly -- playing field.

Immersive Gameplay

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An even bigger immersion-focused mod than the last one, this changes nearly every aspect of the game for a totally different experience than vanilla Fallout 4.

Leveling is slower, health gain is reduced, ammo and damage have been tweaked to be in more in-line with real life, explosions are much more deadly and there are massive AI changes to enemies.

Good luck surviving in this faster, more deadly version of the Commonwealth!

There are loads more tiny mods that can create better immersion for Fallout 4, like a horde of modifications to make each NPC and companion look more weathered and less plastic.

Take a gander at the 600+ currently available here and see what strikes your fancy!

If scrolling through page after page after page of options isn't up your alley, don't worry, we've got you covered with more of the Fallout 4 PS4 mods you'll want:

What Fallout 4 mods are your favorite? Which do you want to see brought to the PS4? Let us Know in the comments below!