Gift Guide 2016: 10 of the best winter hats

Gift Guide: 10 of the Best Winter Hats for Gamers

Gift Guide 2016: 10 of the best winter hats

Welcome to your essential gift guide for Christmas 2016 and we’re talking hats.  No, not top hats or trilbys, but gamer hats specifically ones where buyers can proudly display their love for their favourite games.

But with a huge amount of amazing games out there, we can afford to be really, really choosy in regards to merchandise.  Quality is a large factor too, no shoddy generic gamer hats, but true gamer hats made for gamers.

The hats in this gift guide hats are largely focussed on retro gaming, not just because they are such darn amazing games, but often cause the most finger points, shout outs and comments, because, you know that’s the ultimate kudos!

So, I’ve narrowed down the best 10 gamer hats out there and remember people they are gifts for others, or you know, keep a beady eye on them for yourself!

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Hero of Time Embroidered Beanie

Rating: 8/10

Price: £12.99

Buy It: Gametee

It’s a Zelda hat! From the Ocarina of Time. A fairly plain hat, with an embroidered golden triforce, it is a really good choice, without being elaborate, great price too and Gametee is renowned for their quality items. Ideal for a Zelda fan and also a great warming wintery hat.

Yoshi Ski Beanie Hat

Rating: 9/10

Price: £14.99

Buy It: Gamerbilia

Such a great product, it’s fun and honestly, a woolly hat that relates to Yoshi’s Woolly World is such a great tie-in, it really is. A cute ski hat, with pom poms and a smiley proud Yoshi is literally the cutest hat. It is Yoshi green colour, so wearers are easily identifiable, even on a dark night!

Blizzard Store Starcraft Abathar Hat

Rating: 10/10

Price: $34.00

Buy ItBlizzard

The store with the most appropriate name for winter hats, has of course the most elaborate hat, Abathor from Starcraft. The best thing with this hat, is that it’s not just a hat, it doubles as a plushie too, woohoo, two gifts in one! And come on, who can’t resist those tentacles!

Eevee Fleece Hat

Rating: 8/10

Price: £20.60

Buy ItEtsy

This is such a great hat, it is totally handmade too, so even if two people had the same hat, they’d slightly differ which is lovely and quirky. The fleece lined hat is perfect for the coldest of days and perfect for both original Pokemon players and those who’ve jumped on board due to Pokemon Go.

Pac Man Ghost Crochet Hat

Rating: 9/10

Price: £16.48+

Buy It: Etsy

These hats are so adorable. It does feel like the eyes are watching you, they are handmade crochet hats and the variation is quite clear on the website, but this is a complete bonus as it does add to the quirky nature of the product. This is a really lovely quality item and recommended as it differs significantly from the usual Pac Man merchandise.

Sonic the Hedgehog Hat

Rating: 8/10

Price: £14.99

Buy It: Gamerbilia

Disclaimer, this hat will not make you go faster, nor will gold coins appear whilst you’re wearing the hat and walking about! But it is so lovely and has the Sonic spikes so is really distinctive and the plaid danglers do make a really unusual twist to this type of alpine hat.

Nintendo Mario Bros 8 Bit Fair Isle Pom Beanie

Rating: 9/10

Price: $22.90

Buy It: Amazon

The 8 bit styling on this hat is pretty amazing, Mario leaping in the air throughout the hat, almost like he's jumping for the knitted snowflakes - what could be more wintery than that?  Great colours on its too and the pom pom on top is a great feature.

Ice Climbers Beanie Hat

Rating: 8/10

Price: $13.61

Buy It: Amazon

Probably one of the most winter themed games out there, it's a really well themed hat for winter! A simple design, with 8 bit decoration of 2 characters and a heart from the game is perfect to keep the wearer warm, but the soft material means it feels lovely too.

Space Invaders Hat

Rating: 8/10

Price: $14.94

Buy It: Amazon

This adorable hat lines up the aliens from the Space Invaders game. It appears to have a slightly snugger fit than other beanies, the shape is designed to ensure that the wearer stays warm and is a little more robust than other hats.

Metal Gear Solid Cap Foxhound

Rating: 9/10

Price: 18.98EURO

Buy It: Game Legends

This Metal Gear Solid hat is a unusual hat, more like a military hat, which would be great with a pair of New Rocks and a long swishing coat. It is a hat that fits snugly onto the wearer’s head and is does provide quite a smart look for most occasions. The Foxhound logo is a great embellishment on the hat too!

So there it is everyone, 10 of the most amazing retro gamer hats that are currently on the market - enjoy them, love them, buy them.  We love them all too!  We hope that this list inspires you for the retro gamer in your life, or equally for you!

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