It can be tough figuring out what gift to buy for someone you love, but if they're an Xbox One gamer, you've got plenty of options!

Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Xbox One Owners 2017

It can be tough figuring out what gift to buy for someone you love, but if they're an Xbox One gamer, you've got plenty of options!
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The holiday season is nearly upon us, and it's time to start shopping for gifts. You've probably got a few gamers in your life, so why not get them something for their beloved Xbox One? Check out these great gifts for Xbox One owners.

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Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console on the market, and while the price is certainly nothing to laugh at, it's a huge upgrade over the regular Xbox One, making it one of the best things you can buy for a dedicated Xbox gamer.

It's also a great gift for anyone you want to introduce to gaming, as it has all the functionality of a standard Xbox One console but with all the bells and whistles.

You can buy an Xbox One X from the official Xbox website for $499.99.

Xbox Elite Controller

Although the Xbox Elite Controller may seem excessively priced for what it does, it will get a ton of use for its cost. While the games they play may change, the controller they use won't -- unless they're upgrading it.

The Elite Controller is the best on the market for the Xbox One, and it features numerous advantages over the standard Xbox One controller, including a superior grip, additional buttons, and customizable controls.

If you know any hardcore gamers, the Xbox Elite controller is the perfect gift to support their competitive needs.

You can buy the Elite Controller from the official Xbox website for $149.99.

Xbox Design Lab Controller

If you want to gift someone a personalized controller, the Xbox Design Lab is what you're looking for. You're able to customize around 10 parts of the controller, ranging from the colors of the buttons and thumbsticks to giving the D-Pad and triggers a metallic sheen.

You can even have a name (or a really short 16-character message) engraved onto it.

You can design your own controller on the official Xbox website. Design Lab controllers start at $79.99.

Xbox One Play & Charge Kit

While Xbox One controllers do tend to make good, long-lasting use of the AA batteries you put in them, in the long run, it'll definitely be cheaper to use a rechargeable battery pack.

As a bonus, there's no need to worry about having to swap out batteries in the middle of a gaming session since you can charge the battery pack while playing (as the product name suggests).

You can buy the Play & Charge Kit from the official website for $24.99.

Xbox Controller Chatpad

The use of voice chat in gaming has pretty much become the norm for online gaming, but there are plenty of reasons one might want to stick to traditional text chat while gaming.

If you happen to know any quieter gamers, this detachable Xbox One controller keyboard might be just what they've been looking for.

You can buy the Chatpad from Xbox's official website for $34.99.

Western Digital Elements -- 1TB External Hard Drive

One of the biggest disadvantages of console gaming is how small the native hard drives tend to be, and as games get prettier and prettier, they take up more storage space and become harder to fit on a console hard drive. 

Fortunately, there's an easy fix -- just buy a bigger hard drive. At 1TB, the WD Elements hard drive offers over twice the storage space of the standard Xbox One hard drive, and it has a very affordable price.

You can buy a WD Elements hard drive from Amazon for $54.99.

Xbox One Media Remote

Microsoft has marketed the Xbox One as a multimedia device -- as being more than just a gaming console. However, most Xbox One consoles only come with a gaming controller. And while the gaming controller is perfectly capable of navigating the Xbox One multimedia landscape, there's a better option: the Xbox One Media Remote.

If you know anyone who likes using their Xbox One as a Blu-ray player or to binge-watch television shows on Netflix, the Media Remote might be the thing for them.

You can buy the Xbox One Media Remote from the official website for $24.99.

Xbox One Kinect

The Kinect is an Xbox peripheral that is best known for its motion-sensing capabilities, which several Xbox One Kinect games take advantage of. The Kinect also features a camera, accepts voice commands, and even brings Microsoft's Cortana to your Xbox.

While the Kinect was originally bundled with all Xbox One consoles, they have since been separated, meaning plenty of Xbox owners won't already have this useful gadget.

You can buy an Xbox One Kinect from Amazon for $59.99.

Xbox One Games

A new game is probably a pretty obvious gift for a gamer, but if you're not familiar with the Xbox One's full gaming library, it can be pretty overwhelming deciding which one to choose for them.

Consider how the gamer in your life enjoys spending their free time when not playing their Xbox One. Do they enjoy watching or playing sports? Are they sci-fi or horror buffs? Do a little Googling based on what you know about your intended gift recipient, and chances are good that the Xbox One's extensive library has something right up their alley.

You can find most Xbox One games on Amazon.

Xbox Gift Card

If you feel like you're not familiar enough with Xbox One gaming, or you're just not sure what Xbox One games and accessories your intended gift recipient already owns, there's always the gift card.

You can buy an Xbox gift card from the official site.


Hopefully, you found something on this list to gift to your favorite Xbox One gamer!

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